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Artist/Band: Pagan Altar
Lyrics for Song: Reincarnation
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Pagan Altar

Time on the world had just begun

The earth's lost it's role as the Universe's Sun,

Storm clouds build for impending rain,

The birth of the Earth begins again.

Just like before in the distant past,

The hand of the sculptor begins to cast.

Shapes of lands, islands and seas,

Mountains and valleys, flowers and Trees.

Dawn!, surging light, brightening up those darkened hills,

Bringing life, to the charred remains,

A long dead Sun now alive again.

A long dead Sun, now alive again.

Trees!, once stark and bare, now spread their wings high in the air.

A sea of green over rolling plains,

The chain of life begins again,

The chain of life, all over the World.

Shapes, Astral forms now roam the earth, implanting gold.

Eternal greed and selfish minds,

Leave the seeds to tempt mankind,

Leave the seeds, all over the world.

Life awakes again, evolving through endless sleep.

The fires of Hell, the eternal flame,

Started it up to begin again,

Started it up, all over the world.

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Pagan Altar

Pagan Altar
"Other Songs - Pagan Altar"

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