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Artist/Band: Gladys Knight
Lyrics for Song: Friendship Train
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Gladys Knight


Glady's Knight and the Pips

Calling out to everyone across the nation

Said the world is in a desperate situation

Stealing, burning, fighting, killing

Nothing but corruption

It looks like mankind in on the eve of destruction

Oh yes it is now people let me tell you now

We've got to learn to live with each other

No matter what the race, creed or color

I just got to tell you what the world needs now

Is love and understanding get aboard the friendship train

Everybody shake a hand make a friend now

Listen to us now, we're doing our thing

On the friendship train

We've got to start today to make tomorrow

A brighter day for our children

Oh calm down people now we can do it

I can prove it but only if our hearts are willing

Now get aboard the friendship train

Everybody, shake a hand, shake a hand

Yes I'm talking about the friendship train

It don't matter what you look like

People or who you are

If your heart is in the right place

In the right place

Talking about the right palce

You're welcome aboard now

This train stands for justice,

This train stands for freedom

This train stands for harmony and peace

This train stands for love

Come on get on the friendship train

People listen to me now

Harmony is the key my sisters and brothers

Oh yes it is I say

Harmony is the key my sisters and brothers

People can't wait cause another day might be too late

Come on get on the friendship train

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight
"Other Songs - Gladys Knight"

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