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Artist/Band: Billie Jo Spears
Lyrics for Song: I'm Not That Good At Goodbye
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Billie Jo Spears


Writer Don Williams, Bob McDill

Copyright 1973

I don't want to talk it over one more time

No there's not much use in talkin'. If you've made up your mind

And darlin' I don't need to tell you why

You know that I'm not that good at goodbye

Please don't tell me you're leavin' if you go

Just let me turn my head while you walk out the door

'Cause if I see you leavin' I will die

You know that I'm not that good at goodbye

Lord goodbyes just make it harder anyhow

So if you really feel like leavin' do it now

And let me keep a little of my pride

You know that I'm not that good at goodbye

I don't want to know you're leavin' when you go

'Cause if we reach the part where you're standin' at the door

Well I know I'd just break down again and cry

You know that I'm not that good at goodbye

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Billie Jo Spears

Billie Jo Spears
"Other Songs - Billie Jo Spears"

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