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[ More Billie Jo Spears lyrics ]
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Artist/Band: Billie Jo Spears
Lyrics for Song: Stepchild
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Billie Jo Spears

Stepchild you've had a hard way to go

How come your daddy run away your mama never did know

All you remember is becoming a step son to your mama's new man

And you got aquainted with the back of his hand

Stepchild you say the man had a son

The son called him daddy but he told you to call him John

You say the legs on the breast of the chicken was gone

When the platter come around your way

And you had to chop cotton while your step brother played

Stepchild when you were born

Your right foot was turned left with your left

And mercy had a way of taking off and leaving you by yourself

Stepchild muddy water got in your well

Stepchild how come your laughing that way

After doing the deed that you've done you better learn how to pray

Stepchild you've got a weird sense of humor

And you came close to gettin' away

But they caught you plantin' garlic on your step daddy's grave

Stepchild when you were born...

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Billie Jo Spears

Billie Jo Spears
"Other Songs - Billie Jo Spears"

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