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Artist/Band: Fats Domino
Lyrics for Song: Land Of 1000 Dances
Lyrics for Album: This Is Gold [2004]

Do you know how to pony

Like Bony Maronie

Do you know how to twist

Goes like this

Mashed potatoes

Slow alligator

Twist the twister

Like little sister

Do you get the Yoyo

The endless gogo

Do you do the fish

Goes like this

Do you do the tango

Takes two to tango

Get down on your knees

Do the sweet peas

Roll over on your back

Say I like it like that

Do the watussi

Do the watussi

Can you do the fly

With a hand jive

Do you do the slot

Shakin' in a bop

Then you go home

So you won't be all alone

So bye bye children

Bye bye children

Come on with me children

Lets go children

I wanna show you

This little place

Across the track

The name of the place

I'll like it like that

The name of the band

The fat men

Lets go children

The fat men

Lets go children

Album Lyrics: This Is Gold [2004]

Fats Domino
"This Is Gold [2004]"

1. Just A Lonely Man
2. Land Of 1000 Dances
3. Packin' Up
4. I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire
5. I'm Livin' Right
6. The Land Of Make Believe