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Artist/Band: S Club 7
Lyrics for Song: We Broom We Brush
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - S Club 7

we broom we brush
we dont make no fuss
droppin' litter is a sin
so put it in a bin

we broom we brush____
we dont makea no fuss
dropin litter is a sin
so put it in the bin

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - S Club 7

S Club 7
"Other Songs - S Club 7"

1. All I Have To Do Is Dream
2. Anytime, Anywhere
3. Bring Him Home
4. Broom And Brush
5. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Remade Forn Elton J
6. Dancing In The Street
7. Dancing Queen
8. Dangerous
9. Dean
10. Discotek
11. Down At Club S
12. Dream
13. From 7 2 6 2 0
14. Goodbye Is Forever
15. Hello Friend
16. If It's Love
17. It's All Right
18. It's Over
19. Kevin To Fall
20. Lady 95'
21. Our Time Has Come
22. Perfect Christmas
23. Pick A Nose (Paul's Jingle)
24. Rain
25. Rock With You
26. She's Out Of My Life
27. So Right
28. Someday, Someway
29. Special Kind Of Something
30. Suck On It
31. That's What Love Can Do
32. The Two Of Us
33. Tie A Yellow Ribbon...
34. We Broom We Brush
35. We Can Work It Out
36. We Got Each Other
37. Why Don't We
38. You Are Everything