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Artist/Band: Carrie Underwood
Lyrics for Song: That November
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Carrie Underwood

Blue and gold behind me in the bleachers

Go Comanches on makeshift cardboard signs

Â"We Will Rock YouÂ" blaring through the hometown speakers

As I flew from the pyramid

In the last game of my life

A string of taillights on a dark and dusty dirt road

Bon fire burning back a Tommy Collar's farm

Jake's leather jacket kept me from getting too cold

I was wrapped up in the moment

Wrapped up in his arms


I won't forget

Seeing our breath

How warm it felt

Out in that freezing weather

The fire on his lips

Chills on my skin

Loving him turned to embers

I'll forever remember

That November

Heater cranked in his daddy's Silverado

Little detour up on Cedar Hollow Ridge

I drew our names inside a heart on a foggy window

My daddy would have killed us both

If he knew what we did


The fire on his lips

Chills on my skin

I'll forever remember

That November

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood
"Other Songs - Carrie Underwood"

1. Independence Day
2. Alone
3. Angels Brought Me Here
4. Because You Loved Me
5. Bless the Broken Road
6. Carnival Ride
7. Could've Been
8. Cowboy Casanova
9. Crying
10. Do You Hear What I Hear
11. Ever-Ever-After
12. Go Your Own Way
13. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
14. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
15. Hello Young Lovers
16. Home Sweet Home
17. I Can't Remember Coatroom
18. I Feel Like a Woman
19. I'll Be Home For Christmas
20. I'll Stand By You
21. Ill Be Standin Here
22. Is It Still Over
23. Jesus My Lord
24. Just Stand Up
25. Love Is a Battlefield
26. Magic Mirror
27. Making Love Out of Nothing at All
28. More Boys I Meet
29. Neon Moon
30. Nobody Ever Told You
31. O Holy Night
32. One Way Ticket
33. Praying For Time
34. Sometimes You Leave
35. Thank God For Hometowns
36. That November
37. The First Noel
38. The Night Before (Life Goes On)
39. There's A Place For Us
40. Travelin' Band
41. Trouble
42. What Child Is This
43. When Will I Be Loved
44. Something In The Water