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Artist/Band: The Go-Betweens
Lyrics for Song: Was There Anything I Could Do
Lyrics for Album: 16 Lovers Lane [1988]

She comes home and she's happy

She comes home and shes blue

She comes home and she tells him

Listen baby were through

I don't know what happened next

All I know is she moved

Packed up her bags and her curtains

Left him in his room

Was there anything I could do?

She went out with her paint box

Paints the chapel blue

She went out with her matchsticks

Torched a carwash too

I don't know where she's living

All I've got is a card

A picture of her at the pyramids

A knife held to her heart

Was there anything I could do?

She came down from the mountains

Said goodbye to her guru

She went back to her room

Lost herself in voodoo

I don't say that I blame her

People don't know what they want

If you spend your life looking behind you

You don't see what's up front

Was there anything I could do?

Putting out her fire

Putting out her fire

Album Lyrics: 16 Lovers Lane [1988]

The Go-Betweens
"16 Lovers Lane [1988]"

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