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Artist/Band: Jim Brickman
Lyrics for Song: That's What I'm Here For
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Jim Brickman

dry your eyes

i'm here now

we'll get through this


sometimes this world, it cuts

like a knife

baby, baby that's life

please believe i understand

put yourself into my hand

when my last days are

harder than strife

that's when i come to you


that's what i'm here for, baby

that's what our love can do

you won't shed a tear for

the rest of your life

i'll make it clear

that's what i'm here for

when my faith is wearin' thin

i feel your breath upon my skin

all of your heartaches, all of your fears

i'll make 'em dissapear

with one smile

with one kiss

i feel how close have i missed

i know my days are harder than strife

that's when i come to you


oh, what i'm here for

i only want to please you

and can't you see, i need you?

i only want to love you

and thats what i'm here for

im here for

im her foooooooooor

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Jim Brickman

Jim Brickman
"Other Songs - Jim Brickman"

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