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Artist/Band: Machine Gun Kelly
Lyrics for Song: Half Naked and Almost Famous
Lyrics for Album: Rage Pack [2011]

Uh, waiter bring another round please.

Bring that mother fucker back.

A couple more, they like it all please.

Cuz y'all know how to act.

And I don't give a fuck, can I live?

Cuz we be doin' too much shit,

just a couple of kids from eastside of the 2-1-6

bummin' a dollar and a dream real shit

every day I wake, higher than the night before

blackin' out every night on tour

5 a.m we jump into the pool with our drawers

'til the cops come. Run, run, fuck the law.

And I was born to be wild,

sex, rock and roll and weed piles

runnin' from the oldest seniles.

Follow in my steps, then you walkin' a green mile

Trees in my pockets like my denims a greenhouse.

Lead my team town?

Tell me what's my age again?

how many hours 'til I rage again?

This is the story of a young boy and the page we in

say that he off chasin' fame again,

and there he goes...almost...famous bitch.


The bittersweet between my teeth

tryin' to find the in-betweens

fall back in love eventually


Uh, half naked and almost famous.

Wild nights and all those places.

I be, half naked and almost famous.

And when I get up I ain't changin',

tell the world lace up.

Yea, come rage with the Machine bitch.

E.S.T the team bitch.

Never got a college degree,

too busy raisin' hell like it was friday the 13th bitch.

Fuck clothes and fuck hoes

Hundred dollars worth of munchies, truckloads.

Eighty-nine cent slushy in the cuphold,

don't know where I'm goin', but we gone...what's home?

Maybe I'll just mapquest my dream,

and it'll say the address was me.

So what I really wanted all alongs been camouflaged by deed?

I'm not a pro, I just dogged the lead?

California dreams,

where we sick of boring cleveland weather man

wishin' for heat, I guess I need to see the leather man?

Uh, i just wanna be young forever man

Roll the peter pan, light it up and went to Neverland.

Mother fucker I'm gone.


Album Lyrics: Rage Pack [2011]

Machine Gun Kelly
"Rage Pack [2011]"

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