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[ More Machine Gun Kelly lyrics ]
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Artist/Band: Machine Gun Kelly
Lyrics for Song: Warning Shot
Lyrics for Album: Rage Pack [2011]

Okay I came in, no clout Small bank, and my big mouth

Small name but these big shots Know just what this kid's 'bout

I said shit, then I meant shit, Coroner, I dead shit

I treat hoes, just like hoes, That throw bones go fetch shit

I'm pitbull, that 'X' shit That 'goin in at they neck' shit

That 'we gonna have a problem if I am not on they next shit'

'Cause I wreck shit can't tame me I'm Eminem and I'm Jay-Z

I'm the renegade of this rap shit,me and all my boys like A Team

Fuck's wrong wit y'all? This is my warning shot I better see you get ghost

Because I'll treat competition like hoes, skip conversation

and cum at they throats

Boy I'm from the C-L-E-V-E-L-A-N-D and I will be reppin that until I die

And you either with me or riding against me

so let me know put them L's in the sky, lace up!"

Call me the man better yet call me the kid

Because nobody this young done what I did

Cause nobody this young gone through the shit that

I went through these past couple years and lived

Y'all suckers hickey shit I'm a real rockstar Nikki Sixx

I'm Minaj y'all just watch god damn y'alls nicki's bitch

Can the game get any more corny?

Can the fame get any more boring?

Can any other lame who think I'm dope put out garbage

and make it easy for me

Is it possible for anyone to adore me?

Is it possible for anyone to record me?

So I cannot trust other people who capture closed

video songs and put them out before me

And is it possible that I possibly delivered the illest lyrics

Somebody call the paramedics, somebody call the fucking paramedics

Is it even possible with a lack of academics to

get the credit in the city and never spend a minute in the class

Fuck that kiss my ass straight till it's pitch black

roll it up and let me hit it

This is our warning shot, lets go this is our this our warnin shot

The final call. warnin shot

Album Lyrics: Rage Pack [2011]

Machine Gun Kelly
"Rage Pack [2011]"

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