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Artist/Band: Ed Sheeran
Lyrics for Song: Tone (feat. Yelawolf)
Lyrics for Album: The Slumdon Bridge [2012]

Im out to bark again, ball cracked on the target, demolish it

Dont jump I what you see, nah, took a in then

Think while I jump back on the beat, I got need audiences

To speak too like a leech, needs to retrieve blood

Should I creep into thesesounds with the speech? Obvious

Witness the retardedness with several

You might need a coffin with holes on the top of these to receive oxygen

You buried alive like a freak,

six feet, clawing and snatching and like a cat

And a dog and a rat, and a hog in a pen,

with a frog and all there is to eat

Is frog and they beat eat to a with nails, teeth and jaws

And then they fight to the death for at least a piece off of them

See that you these all sleep in a coffin man

Im all all thats been, ever was at the start of it

You mention the squad and then you mention the god of pens

flesh Im harder thansticking emcees off..

When I rap Im astonishing

Shockwaves what I make, got this bastard popping then

I spit on mywithout apology

Take shit on on shitpisses dont make glues

Throw it out to the whole fucking world to see through

Vomit and stomach fluid like you just ate shits stool

Did I say shit again? Do I give a shit, dude

or they if you like his hear

Swimming in this ocean no, he just moves

What Im trying to say is, its my motherfucking ocean

Built a bridge, the slumdum bridge

Album Lyrics: The Slumdon Bridge [2012]

Ed Sheeran
"The Slumdon Bridge [2012]"

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