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Artist/Band: Ed Sheeran
Lyrics for Song: You (feat. Wiley)
Lyrics for Album: No. 5 Collaborations Project [2011]

The thoughts I have could be clear ones and they can

seem vivid but not near ones feather than limits I

block her out so when I'm looking through my mind she

ain't in it can I be free for a minute?

Can I be me for a minute the thoughts I have could

be dark ones even be smart ones,

you know I'm going to have a couple straight from the

heart once, tell you what I think I will until I depart

mum it's you that I live for I'm the first and the

last ones,I love you lots what better than thinking

about the ones you love nothing much when your thinking

about the ones you love I feel the same when I'm on

the floor see the sun above unconditional Like

Album Lyrics: No. 5 Collaborations Project [2011]

Ed Sheeran
"No. 5 Collaborations Project [2011]"

1. Drown Me Out
2. Family
3. Goodbye To You
4. Lately
5. Little Lady
6. Nightmares
7. Radio
8. You
9. Drown Me Out (feat. Ghetts)
10. Family (feat. P-Money)
11. Goodbye To You (feat. Dot Rotten)
12. Lately (feat. Devlin)
13. Little Lady (feat. Mikill Pane)
14. Nightmares (feat. Random Impulse, Sway and Wretch 32)
15. Radio (feat. Jme)
16. You (feat. Wiley)