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Artist/Band: Carrie Underwood
Lyrics for Song: Flat on the Floor
Lyrics for Album: Carnival Ride [2007]

(Now) ('Cause) (Oh, oh) I'm flat on the floor with my head down low

Where the sky can't rain on me anymore

Don't knock on my door 'cause I won't come

I'm hidin' from the storm 'til the damage is (done)

(Ooh, ah yeah)

(Don't knock on my door)


1st Verse

Baby, baby, baby, baby

Tell me why

You gotta make me, make me

Make me, make me, make me cry, oh Lord

If I told you once

I told you a thousand times

You can't knock me off my feet

When I'm already on my knees

(Repeat Chorus)

2nd Verse

Ooh, yeah

Baby, baby, baby, baby

Tell me how

You think you're gonna live without my love now

I don't know why you gotta keep comin' around

Creepin' up my street

But boy, you can't bother me

(Chorus Out)

You ain't gonna get to me tonight

I'll lay right here till it all rolls through

I ain't gonna raise my body

Til there ain't no sign, til there ain't no sign

Album Lyrics: Carnival Ride [2007]

Carrie Underwood
"Carnival Ride [2007]"

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