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Elliott Yamin
Album Lyrics: Elliott Yamin [2007]

Elliott Yamin
"Elliott Yamin [2007]"

1. Movin' On playlist
2. Wait For You playlist
3. Find A Way playlist
4. One Word playlist
5. You Are The One playlist
6. I'm The Man playlist
7. Train Wreck playlist
8. Free playlist
9. Alright playlist
10. Take My Breath Away playlist
11. A Song For You playlist
12. Let Your Heart Lead playlist
13. I'll Make You Dance playlist

Album Lyrics: Fight For Love [2009]

Elliott Yamin
"Fight For Love [2009]"

1. Let Love Be playlist
2. Know Better playlist
3. Fight For Love playlist
4. You playlist
5. Can't Keep On Loving You (From A Distance) playlist
6. Don't Be Afraid playlist
7. You Say playlist
8. Apart From Me playlist
9. Cold Heart playlist
10. How Do I Know playlist
11. This Step Alone playlist
12. Someday playlist

Album Lyrics: Let's Get To What's Real [2012]

Elliott Yamin
"Let's Get To What's Real [2012]"

1. Gather Round playlist
2. Self Control playlist
3. Thinkin Bout You playlist
4. Let's Get To What's Real playlist
5. Poison playlist
6. Downtown playlist
7. Enough Love playlist
9. I'll Be That Bridge playlist
10. Virginia playlist
11. 3 Words playlist

Album Lyrics: My Kind Of Holiday [2008]

Elliott Yamin
"My Kind Of Holiday [2008]"

1. This Christmas playlist
2. Warm Me Up playlist
3. Jingle Bells playlist
4. A Very Merry Christmas playlist
5. Little Drummer Boy playlist
6. Back Door Santa playlist
7. The Christmas Song playlist
8. Merry Christmas, Baby playlist
9. Let's Be Naughty (And Save Santa The Trip) playlist
10. Christmas Without Carol playlist