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Five Finger Death Punch
Album Lyrics: American Capitalist: Deluxe [2011]

Five Finger Death Punch
"American Capitalist: Deluxe [2011]"

1. American Capitalist playlist
2. Under And Over It playlist
3. The Pride playlist
4. Coming Down playlist
5. Menace playlist
6. Generation Dead playlist
7. Back for More playlist
8. I Remember Everything playlist
9. Wicked Ways playlist
10. If I Fall playlist
11. 100 Ways To Hate playlist

Album Lyrics: The Way of the Fist [2007]

Five Finger Death Punch
"The Way of the Fist [2007]"

1. Ashes playlist
2. The Way of the Fist playlist
3. Salvation playlist
4. The Bleeding playlist
5. A Place to Die playlist
6. The Devil's Own playlist
7. White Knuckles playlist
8. Can't Heal You playlist
9. Death Before Dishonor playlist
10. Meet The Monster playlist

Album Lyrics: War Is The Answer [2009]

Five Finger Death Punch
"War Is The Answer [2009]"

1. Dying Breed playlist
2. Hard To See playlist
3. Bulletproof playlist
4. No One Gets Left Behind playlist
5. Crossing Over playlist
6. Burn It Down playlist
7. Far From Home playlist
8. Falling In Hate playlist
9. My Own Hell playlist
10. Walk Away playlist
11. Canto 34 playlist
12. Bad Company playlist
13. War Is The Answer playlist