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Far*East Movement
Album Lyrics: Animal [2009]

Far*East Movement
"Animal [2009]"

1. Get That Money playlist
2. Lowridin' playlist
3. Fetish playlist
4. All Night playlist
5. 3d playlist
6. I Party playlist
7. Do What I Want playlist
8. Millionaire playlist
9. Dance Like Michael Jackson playlist
10. A Beautiful Day playlist
11. You've Got A Friend playlist

Album Lyrics: Free Wired [2010]

Far*East Movement
"Free Wired [2010]"

1. Girls On The Dance Floor playlist
2. If I Was You (OMG) playlist
3. She Owns The Night playlist
4. So What? playlist
5. Don't Look Now playlist
6. Fighting For Air playlist
7. White Flag playlist
8. 2gether playlist

Album Lyrics: Dirty Bass [2012]

Far*East Movement
"Dirty Bass [2012]"

1. Dirty Bass playlist
2. Where The Wild Things Are playlist
3. Turn Up The Love playlist
4. Flossy playlist
5. If I Die Tomorrow playlist
6. Ain't Coming Down playlist
7. Candy playlist
8. Fly With U playlist
9. Show Me Love playlist
10. Live My Life (Party Rock Remix) playlist
11. Little Bird playlist
12. Basshead playlist
13. Like A G6 playlist
14. Rocketeer playlist
15. Candy (feat. Pitbull) playlist

Album Lyrics: Step Up Revolution Soundtrack [2012]

Far*East Movement
"Step Up Revolution Soundtrack [2012]"

1. Live My Life playlist

Album Lyrics: Folk Music [2006]

Far*East Movement
"Folk Music [2006]"

2. Round Round playlist
3. get offa me playlist
4. Boomshake playlist
5. No One's Home For The Holidays playlist
6. For The City playlist
7. Eyes Never Lie playlist
8. Work playlist
9. Down To Ride playlist
10. Make Ya Self playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Far*East Movement

Far*East Movement
"Other Songs - Far*East Movement"

1. 2 Is Better playlist
2. Booty Bounce playlist
3. Change Your Life playlist
4. Christmas In Downtown La playlist
5. Dayum It Feels Good playlist
6. Don't F*cking Tell Me What To Drink playlist
7. Drop It Down playlist
8. For All playlist
9. Get Up (Rattle) playlist
10. Go Ape playlist
11. Good Stuff playlist
12. holla-hey playlist
13. Jello playlist
14. Make It Bump playlist
15. Move East playlist
16. She's On The Move playlist

Album Lyrics: Fun Dance 2013 [2013]

Far*East Movement
"Fun Dance 2013 [2013]"

1. Turn Up The Love playlist