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First Aid Kit
Album Lyrics: Drunken Trees Ep [2009]

First Aid Kit
"Drunken Trees Ep [2009]"

1. Little Moon playlist
2. You're Not Coming Home Tonight playlist
3. Tangerine playlist
4. Jagadamba, You Might playlist
5. Our Own Pretty Ways playlist
6. Pervigilo playlist
7. Cross Oceans playlist

Album Lyrics: The Big Black & The Blue [2010]

First Aid Kit
"The Big Black & The Blue [2010]"

1. In The Morning playlist
2. Hard Believer playlist
3. Sailor Song playlist
4. Waltz For Richard playlist
5. Heavy Storm playlist
6. Ghost Town playlist
7. Josefin playlist
8. A Window Opens playlist
9. Winter Is All Over You playlist
10. I Met Up With The King playlist
11. Wills Of The River playlist

Album Lyrics: The Lion's Roar [2012]

First Aid Kit
"The Lion's Roar [2012]"

1. The Lion's Roar playlist
2. Emmylou playlist
3. In The Hearts Of Men playlist
4. Blue playlist
5. This Old Routine playlist
6. To A Poet playlist
7. I Found A Way playlist
8. Dance To Another Tune playlist
9. New Year's Eve playlist
10. King Of The World playlist

Album Lyrics: Stay Gold [2014]

First Aid Kit
"Stay Gold [2014]"

1. My Silver Lining playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit
"Other Songs - First Aid Kit"

1. Marianne's Son playlist
2. When I Grow Up playlist
3. Wolf playlist