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Five For Fighting
Album Lyrics: Playlist: The Very Best Of Five For Fighting [2004]

Five For Fighting
"Playlist: The Very Best Of Five For Fighting [2004]"

1. Easy Tonight playlist
2. Superman (It's Not Easy) playlist
3. Something About You playlist
4. Bella's Birthday Cake playlist
5. The Best playlist

Album Lyrics: America Town [2000]

Five For Fighting
"America Town [2000]"

1. Bloody Mary (A Note On Apathy) playlist
2. America Town playlist
3. Jainy playlist
4. Michael Jordan playlist
5. Out Of Love playlist
6. The Last Great American playlist
7. Boat Parade playlist
8. Alright playlist

Album Lyrics: Message for Albert [1997]

Five For Fighting
"Message for Albert [1997]"

1. Day By Day playlist
2. The Garden playlist
3. Ocean playlist
4. Happy playlist
5. Love Song playlist
6. White Picket Fence playlist
7. Two Frogs playlist
8. 10 Miles From Nowhere playlist
9. European B-Side playlist

Album Lyrics: The Battle for Everything [2004]

Five For Fighting
"The Battle for Everything [2004]"

1. 100 Years playlist
2. The Devil In The Wishing Well playlist
3. If God Made You playlist
4. NYC Weather Report playlist
5. Angels & Girlfriends playlist
6. Dying playlist
7. Infidel playlist
8. Disneyland playlist
9. Maybe I playlist
10. The Taste playlist
11. One More For Love playlist
12. Nobody playlist

Album Lyrics: Two Lights [2006]

Five For Fighting
"Two Lights [2006]"

1. The Riddle playlist
2. World playlist
3. I Just Love You playlist
4. Freedom Never Cries playlist
5. California Justice playlist
6. Two Lights playlist
7. 65 Mustang playlist
8. Policeman's Xmas Party playlist
9. Road To Heaven playlist
10. Johnny America playlist

Album Lyrics: Slice [2009]

Five For Fighting
"Slice [2009]"

1. Chances playlist
2. Slice playlist
3. Note To An Unknown Soldier playlist
4. Tuesday playlist
5. This Dance playlist
6. Timberline playlist
7. Transfer playlist
8. Hope playlist
9. Story Of Your Life playlist
10. Love Can't Change The Weather playlist
11. Augie Nieto playlist

Album Lyrics: We Were Soldiers [original soundtrack] [2002]

Five For Fighting
"We Were Soldiers [original soundtrack] [2002]"

1. The Beautiful playlist