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Frankie J.
Album Lyrics: Frankie J [2003]

Frankie J.
"Frankie J [2003]"

1. Ya No Es Igual playlist
2. Nunca Cambiaré playlist
3. Despues playlist
4. Me Siento Solo playlist
5. Ahora Que Estas Aqui playlist
6. Regresaré playlist
7. No Era Para Mí playlist

Album Lyrics: What's A Man To Do? [2003]

Frankie J.
"What's A Man To Do? [2003]"

1. Interlude playlist
2. Don't Wanna Try playlist
3. What's A Man To Do? playlist
4. Won't Change playlist
5. We Still playlist
6. Wanna Know playlist
7. Diggin Your Style playlist
8. Just The Way playlist
9. Be Home Soon playlist
10. Drinks On Me playlist
11. From The Outside Lookin In playlist

Album Lyrics: Priceless [2006]

Frankie J.
"Priceless [2006]"

1. That Girl playlist
2. Priceless playlist
3. Never Let You Down playlist
4. Daddy's Little Girl playlist
5. If He Can't Be playlist
6. Say Something playlist
7. Hurry Up playlist
8. Is This What You Call Love? playlist
9. Top Of The Line playlist
10. Dance playlist
11. Still playlist
12. I Ain't Trippin' playlist
13. Break playlist

Album Lyrics: The One [2005]

Frankie J.
"The One [2005]"

1. Obsession playlist
2. The One playlist
3. How to Deal playlist
4. Without You playlist
5. On The Floor playlist
6. Story of my life playlist
7. #1 Fan playlist
8. Just Can't Say It's Love playlist
9. In The Moment playlist
10. Gone playlist
11. Suga Suga playlist
12. Obsession [Spanish Version] playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Frankie J.

Frankie J.
"Other Songs - Frankie J."

1. Beautiful (feat. Pitbull) playlist