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Franz Ferdinand
Album Lyrics: Franz Ferdinand [2004]

Franz Ferdinand
"Franz Ferdinand [2004]"

1. Jacqueline playlist
2. Tell Her Tonight playlist
3. The Dark of the Matinée playlist
4. Auf Achse playlist
5. Cheating On You playlist
6. This Fire playlist
7. Darts Of Pleasure playlist
8. Michael playlist
9. Come On Home playlist
10. 40' playlist

Album Lyrics: Guitar Hero [2005]

Franz Ferdinand
"Guitar Hero [2005]"

Album Lyrics: Tonight: Franz Ferdinand [2009]

Franz Ferdinand
"Tonight: Franz Ferdinand [2009]"

1. Ulysses playlist
2. No You Girls playlist
3. Send Him Away playlist
4. Twilight Omens playlist
5. Bite Hard playlist
6. What She Came For playlist
7. Live Alone playlist
8. Can't Stop Feeling playlist
9. Lucid Dreams playlist
10. Dream Again playlist
11. Katherine Kiss Me playlist

Album Lyrics: 90210 Music Season 03 [2010]

Franz Ferdinand
"90210 Music Season 03 [2010]"

1. Turn It On playlist

Album Lyrics: You Could Have It So Much Better [2005]

Franz Ferdinand
"You Could Have It So Much Better [2005]"

1. The Fallen playlist
2. Do You Want To playlist
3. This Boy playlist
4. Walk Away playlist
5. Evil And A Heathen playlist
6. You're The Reason I'm Leaving playlist
7. Well That Was Easy playlist
8. Eleanor Put Your Boots On playlist
9. What You Meant playlist
10. I'm Your Villain playlist
11. You Could Have It So Much Better playlist
12. Fade Together playlist
13. Outsiders playlist