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Garth Brooks
Album Lyrics: Beyond The Season [1992]

Garth Brooks
"Beyond The Season [1992]"

1. Go Tell It On The Mountain playlist
2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen playlist
3. The Old Man's Back In Town playlist
4. The Gift playlist
5. Unto You This Night playlist
6. White Christmas playlist
7. The Friendly Beasts playlist
8. Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy playlist
9. Silent Night playlist
10. Mary's Dream playlist
11. What Child Is This? playlist

Album Lyrics: The Ultimate Hits [2007]

Garth Brooks
"The Ultimate Hits [2007]"

1. Callin' Baton Rouge playlist
2. Two Of A Kind, Workin' On A Full House playlist
3. Shameless playlist
4. Papa Loved Mama playlist
5. The Thunder Rolls playlist
6. We Shall Be Free playlist
7. Unanswered Prayers playlist
8. Standing Outside The Fire playlist
9. Longneck Bottle playlist
10. Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old) playlist
11. The River playlist
12. Ain't Going Down ('Til The Sun Comes Up) playlist
13. Rodeo playlist
14. Two Pina Coladas playlist
15. To Make You Feel My Love playlist
16. That Summer playlist
17. American Honky-Tonk Bar Association playlist
18. If Tomorrow Never Comes playlist
19. The Fever playlist
20. Friends in Low Places playlist
21. The Dance playlist
22. The Change playlist
23. What She's Doing Now playlist
24. Beer Run playlist
25. Wrapped Up In You playlist
26. In Another's Eyes playlist
27. Learning To Live Again playlist
28. Good Ride Cowboy playlist
29. More Than A Memory playlist
30. Midnight Sun playlist
31. Workin' For A Livin' playlist

Album Lyrics: Double Live [1998]

Garth Brooks
"Double Live [1998]"

1. It's Your Song playlist
2. Tearin It Up (And Burnin It Down) playlist
3. Beaches Of Cheyenne playlist
4. Wild As The Wind playlist

Album Lyrics: Fresh Horses [1995]

Garth Brooks
"Fresh Horses [1995]"

1. The Old Stuff playlist
2. Cowboys And Angels playlist
3. That Ol' Wind playlist
4. Rollin' playlist
5. It's Midnight Cinderella playlist
6. She's Every Woman playlist
7. Ireland playlist

Album Lyrics: Garth Brooks [1989]

Garth Brooks
"Garth Brooks [1989]"

1. Not Counting You playlist
2. I've Got A Good Thing Going playlist
3. Uptown Down-Home Good Ol' Boy playlist
4. Everytime That It Rains playlist
5. Alabama Clay playlist
6. Cowboy Bill playlist
7. Nobody Gets Off in This Town playlist
8. I Know One playlist

Album Lyrics: In Pieces [1993]

Garth Brooks
"In Pieces [1993]"

1. The Night I Called The Old Man Out playlist
2. One Night A Day playlist
3. Anonymous playlist
4. Kickin' And Screamin' playlist
5. The Red Strokes playlist
6. The Night Will Only Know playlist
7. The Cowboy Song playlist

Album Lyrics: In the Life of Chris Gaines [1999]

Garth Brooks
"In the Life of Chris Gaines [1999]"

1. That's the Way I Remember It playlist
2. Lost In You playlist
3. Snow In July playlist
4. Driftin' Away playlist
5. Way Of The Girl playlist
6. Unsigned Letter playlist
7. It Don't Matter To The Sun playlist
8. Right Now playlist
9. Main Street playlist
10. White Flag playlist
11. Digging For Gold playlist
12. Maybe playlist

Album Lyrics: No Fences [1990]

Garth Brooks
"No Fences [1990]"

1. New Way To Fly playlist
2. Victim Of The Game playlist
3. Same Old Story playlist
4. Mr. Blue playlist
5. Wolves playlist
6. Wild Horses playlist

Album Lyrics: Ropin' the Wind [1991]

Garth Brooks
"Ropin' the Wind [1991]"

1. Against The Grain playlist
2. Burning Bridges playlist
3. Which One Of Them playlist
4. Cold Shoulder playlist
5. We Bury The Hatchet playlist
6. In Lonesome Dove playlist

Album Lyrics: Scarecrow [2001]

Garth Brooks
"Scarecrow [2001]"

1. Why Ain't I Running playlist
2. The Storm playlist
3. Thicker Than Blood playlist
4. Big Money playlist
5. Squeeze Me In playlist
6. Mr. Midnight playlist
7. Pushing Up Daisies playlist
8. Rodeo Or Mexico playlist
9. Don't Cross The River playlist
10. When You Come Back To Me Again playlist

Album Lyrics: Sevens [1997]

Garth Brooks
"Sevens [1997]"

1. How You Ever Gonna Know playlist
2. She's Gonna Make It playlist
3. Don't Have To Wonder playlist
4. Cowboy Cadilac playlist
5. Fit For A King playlist
6. Do What You Gotta Do playlist
7. You Move Me playlist
8. When There's No One Around playlist
9. A Friend To Me playlist
10. Take The Keys To My Heart playlist
11. Belleau Wood playlist

Album Lyrics: The Chase [1992]

Garth Brooks
"The Chase [1992]"

1. Somewhere Other Than The Night playlist
2. Mr. Right playlist
3. Every Now And Then playlist
4. Walking After Midnight playlist
5. Dixie Chicken playlist
6. Something With A Ring To It playlist
7. Night Rider's Lament playlist
8. Face To Face playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks
"Other Songs - Garth Brooks"

1. Burning Both Ends of the Night playlist
2. Hard Luck Woman playlist
3. Leave The Light On playlist
4. Lonesome Dove playlist
5. My Love Tells Me So playlist
6. Sail My Vessel playlist
7. Someday Soon playlist
8. This Ain't Tennessee playlist
9. What You Gonna Do With A Cowboy (Chris Ledoux W/ G playlist

Album Lyrics: The Lost Sessions [2005]

Garth Brooks
"The Lost Sessions [2005]"

1. Allison Miranda playlist
2. Love Will Always Win playlist
3. She Don't Care About Me playlist
4. That Girl is a Cowboy playlist
5. Fishin in the Dark playlist
6. For a Minute There playlist
7. I'd Rather Have Nothing playlist
8. Cowgirl's Saddle playlist
9. Under The Table playlist
10. American Dream playlist
11. I'll Be The Wind playlist
12. Meet Me In Love playlist
13. You Can't Help Who You Love playlist
14. Please Operator playlist
15. My Baby No Esta Aqui playlist
16. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream playlist

Album Lyrics: The Magic of Christmas: Song from Call Me Claus [2001]

Garth Brooks
"The Magic of Christmas: Song from Call Me Claus [2001]"

1. Call Me Claus playlist
2. It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year playlist
3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas playlist
4. Let It Snow playlist
5. Winter Wonderland playlist
6. Mary Had A Little Lamb playlist
7. The Christmas Song playlist
8. Baby Jesus Is Born playlist
9. Sleigh Ride playlist
10. Silver Bells playlist
11. Home For the Holidays playlist
12. 'Zat You, Santa Claus? playlist
13. The Wise Man's Journey playlist
14. O Little Town of Bethlehem playlist