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Greg Laswell
Album Lyrics: Covers (EP) [2009]

Greg Laswell
"Covers (EP) [2009]"

2. In Spite Of Me playlist
3. Your Ghost playlist
4. This Woman's Work playlist

Album Lyrics: Take A Bow [2010]

Greg Laswell
"Take A Bow [2010]"

1. Take Everything playlist
2. My Fight (For You) playlist
3. Lie To Me playlist
4. Come Clean playlist
5. Around The Bend playlist
6. Take A Bow playlist
7. In Front Of Me playlist
8. You, Now playlist
9. Marquee playlist
10. Off I Go playlist
11. Let It Ride playlist
12. Goodbye playlist

Album Lyrics: Through Toledo [2006]

Greg Laswell
"Through Toledo [2006]"

1. Do What I Can playlist
2. Amazed playlist
3. Come Undone playlist
4. Sing, Theresa Says playlist
5. Worthwhile playlist
6. High & Low playlist
7. Same As You playlist
8. Through Toledo playlist
9. I'm Hit playlist
10. Long Way Around playlist
11. Your Melody playlist

Album Lyrics: Dead Air EP [2006]

Greg Laswell
"Dead Air EP [2006]"

1. What A Day playlist

Album Lyrics: Good Movie [2003]

Greg Laswell
"Good Movie [2003]"

1. Bright Ideas playlist
2. Tirade playlist
3. Good Movie playlist

Album Lyrics: Three Flights From Alto Nido [2008]

Greg Laswell
"Three Flights From Alto Nido [2008]"

1. How The Day Sounds playlist
2. Days Go On playlist
3. It's Been A Year playlist
4. That It Moves playlist
5. The One I Love playlist
6. Comes & Goes (In Waves) playlist
7. Sweet Dream playlist
8. I'd Be Lying playlist
9. Farewell playlist
10. Not Out playlist
11. And Then You playlist

Album Lyrics: How The Day Sounds (EP) [2008]

Greg Laswell
"How The Day Sounds (EP) [2008]"

1. Salvation Dear playlist
2. Embrace Me playlist
3. What A Day (2008 Version) playlist

Album Lyrics: Landline [2012]

Greg Laswell
"Landline [2012]"

1. Come Back Down playlist
2. I Might Drop By playlist
3. Another Life To Lose playlist
5. Back To You playlist
6. Late Arriving playlist
7. Dragging You Around playlist
8. Nicely Played playlist
9. New Year's Eves playlist
10. It's Settled Now playlist
11. Landline playlist