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Bic Runga
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Bic Runga

Bic Runga
"Other Songs - Bic Runga"

1. Beautiful Collision playlist
2. Close The Door, Put Out The Light playlist
3. Counting The Days playlist
4. Delight playlist
5. Drive playlist
6. Dust playlist
7. Election Night playlist
8. Get Some Sleep playlist
9. Good Morning Baby playlist
10. Gracie playlist
11. Gravity playlist
12. Hey playlist
13. Honest Goodbyes playlist
14. Listening For The Weather playlist
15. Lonely Lola Cherry Cola Girl playlist
16. Precious Things playlist
17. Roll Into One playlist
18. She Left On A Monday playlist
19. Something Good playlist
20. Sorry playlist
21. Suddenly Strange playlist
22. Sway playlist
23. When I See You Smile playlist
24. You Don't Want To Know playlist

Album Lyrics: Beautiful Collision [2002]

Bic Runga
"Beautiful Collision [2002]"

1. When I See You Smile playlist
2. Get Some Sleep playlist
3. Something Good playlist
4. Precious Things playlist
5. The Be All and End All playlist
6. Election Night playlist
7. Honest Goodbyes playlist
8. She Left On A Monday playlist
9. Beautiful Collision playlist
10. Listening For The Weather playlist
11. Counting The Days playlist
12. Gravity playlist

Album Lyrics: Beautiful Collision( Import 3x Bonus Tracks) [2002]

Bic Runga
"Beautiful Collision( Import 3x Bonus Tracks) [2002]"

1. A Day Like Today playlist
2. Sway playlist

Album Lyrics: Belle [2011]

Bic Runga
"Belle [2011]"

1. Tiny Little Piece Of My Heart playlist
2. Hello Hello playlist
3. If You Really Do playlist
4. This Girl's Prepared For War playlist
5. Everything Is Beautiful And New playlist
6. Good Love playlist
7. Devil On Tambourine playlist
8. Belle playlist
9. Darkness All Around Us playlist
10. Music And Light playlist

Album Lyrics: Birds [2005]

Bic Runga
"Birds [2005]"

1. Winning Arrow playlist
2. Say After Me playlist
3. Listen playlist
4. Birds playlist
5. Ruby Nights playlist
6. No Crying No More playlist
7. If I Had You playlist
8. Captured playlist
9. That's Alright playlist
10. Blue Blue Heart playlist
11. It's Over playlist

Album Lyrics: Drive [1998]

Bic Runga
"Drive [1998]"

1. Drive playlist
2. Hey playlist
3. Bursting Through playlist
4. Swim playlist
5. Roll Into One playlist
6. Suddenly Strange playlist
7. Sorry playlist
8. Heal playlist
9. Delight playlist
10. Without You playlist