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Hardcore Superstar
Album Lyrics: Bad Sneakers And A Piña Colada [2000]

Hardcore Superstar
"Bad Sneakers And A Piña Colada [2000]"

1. Hello / Goodbye playlist
2. You Will Never Know playlist
3. Punk Rock Song playlist
4. Beat You Down playlist
5. Rock 'n' Roll Star playlist
6. Slide Song playlist
7. Hey Now! playlist
8. Strapped playlist
9. Bubblecum Ride playlist
10. So Deep Inside playlist

Album Lyrics: The Party Ain't Over 'Til We Say So [2011]

Hardcore Superstar
"The Party Ain't Over 'Til We Say So [2011]"

1. Liberation playlist
2. Have You Been Around playlist
3. Someone Special playlist
4. Beg For It playlist
5. Into Debauchery playlist
6. Medicate Me playlist
7. Dreamin' In A Casket playlist
8. We Don't Celebrate Sundays playlist
9. Wild Boys playlist
10. My Good Reputation playlist
11. Standin' On The Verge playlist
12. Honey Tongue playlist
13. Still I'm Glad playlist
14. Last Call For Alcohol playlist
15. Moonshine playlist
16. Here Comes That Sick Bitch playlist
17. Run To Your Mama playlist
18. Shame playlist
19. We Don't Need A Cure playlist
20. Bastards playlist

Album Lyrics: Beg For It [2009]

Hardcore Superstar
"Beg For It [2009]"

1. This Worm's For Ennio playlist
2. Shades Of Grey playlist
3. Nervous Breakdown playlist
4. Hope For A Normal Life playlist
5. Don't Care 'bout Your Bad Behaviour playlist
6. Remove My Brain playlist
7. Spit It Out playlist
8. Illegal Fun playlist
9. Take 'em All Out playlist
10. Innocent Boy playlist

Album Lyrics: Dreamin' In A Casket [2007]

Hardcore Superstar
"Dreamin' In A Casket [2007]"

1. Need No Company playlist
2. Silence For The Peacefully playlist
3. Sophisticated Ladies playlist
4. Wake Up Dead In A Garbagecan playlist
5. Spreadin' The News playlist
6. This Is For The Mentally Damaged playlist
7. Sensitive To The Light playlist
8. Lesson In Violence playlist
9. Sorry For The Shape I'm In playlist
10. No Resistance playlist

Album Lyrics: Hardcore Superstar [2005]

Hardcore Superstar
"Hardcore Superstar [2005]"

1. Kick On The Upperclass playlist
2. Bag On Your Head playlist
3. Last Forever playlist
4. She's Offbeat playlist
5. Hateful playlist
6. Cry Your Eyes Out playlist
7. Simple Man playlist
8. Blood On Me playlist

Album Lyrics: It's Only Rock 'n' Roll [1998]

Hardcore Superstar
"It's Only Rock 'n' Roll [1998]"

1. Baby Come Along playlist
2. Send Myself To Hell playlist
3. Dig A Hole playlist
4. Right Here, Right Now playlist

Album Lyrics: No Regrets [2003]

Hardcore Superstar
"No Regrets [2003]"

1. Wall Of Complaint playlist
2. No Regrets playlist
3. Breakout playlist
4. Soul Of Sweetness playlist
5. Bring Me Back playlist
6. Pathetic Way Of Life playlist
7. It's So True playlist
8. Why Can't You Love Me Like Before playlist
9. The Last Great Day playlist
10. I Can't Change playlist
11. You Know Where We All Belong playlist

Album Lyrics: Split Your Lip [2010]

Hardcore Superstar
"Split Your Lip [2010]"

1. Sadistic Girls playlist
2. Guestlist playlist
3. Split Your Lip playlist

Album Lyrics: Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves) [2001]

Hardcore Superstar
"Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves) [2001]"

1. That's My Life playlist
2. Not Dancing, Wanna Know Why? playlist
3. Just Another Score playlist
4. Summer Season's Gone playlist
5. Wimpy Sister playlist
6. Do Me That Favor playlist
7. Significant Other playlist
8. Dear Old Fame playlist
9. Smoke'em playlist
10. Riding With The King playlist
11. They Are Not Even A New Bang Tango playlist
12. Mother's Love playlist