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Hilltop Hoods
Album Lyrics: Drinking From The Sun [2012]

Hilltop Hoods
"Drinking From The Sun [2012]"

2. Drinking From The Sun playlist
3. Lights Out playlist
5. Good For Nothing playlist
6. Rattling The Keys To The Kingdom playlist
7. Shredding The Balloon playlist

Album Lyrics: Left Foot Right Foot [2001]

Hilltop Hoods
"Left Foot Right Foot [2001]"

1. What The Seasons Change playlist
2. When I'm playlist
3. Elevation (Remix) playlist

Album Lyrics: Matter Of Time [1999]

Hilltop Hoods
"Matter Of Time [1999]"

1. 1979 playlist
2. Common Streets playlist

Album Lyrics: State Of The Art [2009]

Hilltop Hoods
"State Of The Art [2009]"

1. The Return playlist
2. Super Official playlist
3. Chase That Feeling playlist
4. She's So Ugly playlist
5. Still Standing playlist
6. Classic Example playlist
7. Chris Farley playlist
8. The Light You Burned playlist
9. Parade Of The Dead playlist
10. Last Confession playlist
11. Hillatoppa playlist
12. Fifty In Five playlist

Album Lyrics: The Calling [2004]

Hilltop Hoods
"The Calling [2004]"

1. Incoming playlist
2. Testimonial Year playlist
3. The Calling playlist
4. Dumb Enough playlist
5. Illusionary Lines playlist
6. Tommorow Will Do playlist
7. Laying Blame playlist
8. Simmy And The Gravespitter playlist
9. The Nosebleed Section playlist
10. Down For The Cause playlist
11. Mic Felon playlist
12. Walk On playlist
13. The Certificate playlist
14. Working The Mic playlist
15. The Sentinel playlist

Album Lyrics: The Hard Road [2006]

Hilltop Hoods
"The Hard Road [2006]"

1. Recapturing The Vibe playlist
2. Clown Prince playlist
3. The Hard Road playlist
4. Stopping All Stations playlist
5. Conversations Of A SpeakEasy (Ft Omni) playlist
6. WHAT A GREAT NITE playlist
7. City Of Light playlist
8. Obese LowLifes playlist
9. Circuit Breaker playlist
10. BREATHE playlist
11. The Blue Blooded playlist
12. Monsters Ball playlist
13. An Audience With The Devil playlist