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Album Lyrics: For The Lions-Limited [2000]

"For The Lions-Limited [2000]"

4. Refuse/resist playlist
5. Escape playlist
12. All I Had I Gave playlist
17. Boxed In playlist

Album Lyrics: Hatebreed [2009]

"Hatebreed [2009]"

1. Become The Fuse playlist
2. Not My Master playlist
3. Between Hell And A Heartbeat playlist
4. In Ashes They Shall Reap playlist
6. Everyone Bleeds Now playlist
7. No Halos For The Heartless playlist
8. Through The Thorns playlist
9. Every Lasting Scar playlist
11. Merciless Tide playlist
12. Pollution Of The Soul playlist

Album Lyrics: Perserverance [2002]

"Perserverance [2002]"

1. Proven playlist
2. Perseverance playlist
3. You're Never Alone playlist
4. A Call For Blood playlist
5. Below The Bottom playlist
6. We Still Fight playlist
7. Unloved playlist
8. Bloodsoaked Memories playlist
9. Hollow Ground playlist
10. Final Prayer playlist
11. Smash Your Enemies playlist
12. Healing To Suffer Again playlist
13. Judgement Strikes (Unbreakable) playlist
14. Remain Nameless playlist
15. Outro playlist

Album Lyrics: XXX [2002]

"XXX [2002]"

1. I Will Be Heard playlist

Album Lyrics: Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire [1997]

"Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire [1997]"

1. Empty Promises playlist
2. Burn The Lies playlist
3. Before Dishonor playlist
4. Conceived Through An Act Of Violence playlist
5. Afflicted Past playlist
6. Prepare For War playlist
7. Betrayed By Life playlist
8. Mark My Words playlist
9. Last Breath playlist
10. Burial For The Living playlist
11. Worlds Apart playlist
12. Driven By Suffering playlist

Album Lyrics: Under The Knife [2000]

"Under The Knife [2000]"

1. Puritan playlist
2. Not One Truth playlist
3. Filth playlist
4. Kill An Addict playlist
5. Severed playlist

Album Lyrics: Supremacy [2006]

"Supremacy [2006]"

1. Defeatist playlist
2. Horrors of Self playlist
3. Mind Over All playlist
4. To The Threshold playlist
5. Give Wings To My Triumph playlist
6. Destroy Everything playlist
7. Divine Judgement playlist
8. Immortal Enemies playlist
9. The Most Truth playlist
10. Never Let It Die playlist
11. Spitting Venom playlist
12. As Diehard As They Come playlist
13. Supremacy Of Self playlist

Album Lyrics: The Divinity Of Purpose [2003]

"The Divinity Of Purpose [2003]"

Album Lyrics: The Rise Of Brutality [2003]

"The Rise Of Brutality [2003]"

1. Tear It Down playlist
2. Straight To Your Face playlist
3. Facing What Consumes You playlist
4. Live For This playlist
5. Doomsayer playlist
6. Another Day, Another Vendetta playlist
7. A Lesson Lived Is A Lesson Learned playlist
8. Beholder Of Justice playlist
9. This Is Now playlist
10. Voice Of Contention playlist
11. Choose Or Be Chosen playlist
12. Confide In No One playlist

Album Lyrics: The Punisher, The Album [2004]

"The Punisher, The Album [2004]"

1. Bound To Violence playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Hatebreed

"Other Songs - Hatebreed"