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Herman's Hermits
Album Lyrics: Blaze [1967]

Herman's Hermits
"Blaze [1967]"

1. Museum playlist
2. Upstairs, Downstairs playlist
3. Busy line playlist
4. Moonshine Man playlist
5. Green street green playlist
6. Don't Go Out Into The Rain (You're Going To Melt) playlist
7. Last bus home playlist

Album Lyrics: Both Sides of Herman's Hermits [1966]

Herman's Hermits
"Both Sides of Herman's Hermits [1966]"

1. The door swings both ways playlist
2. Bus Stop playlist
3. For love playlist
4. Dial my number playlist
5. Oh Mr. Porter playlist
6. The man with the cigar playlist
7. My Reservation's Been Confirmed playlist
8. My old dutch playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits Live [2000]

Herman's Hermits
"Greatest Hits Live [2000]"

1. A Must To Avoid playlist
2. Can't you hear my heartbeat playlist
3. Dandy playlist
4. Ferry 'cross the Mersey playlist
5. God knows playlist
6. I'm Henry The Eighth I Am playlist
7. I'm Into Something Good playlist
8. If I fell playlist
9. Jezebel playlist
10. Just A Little Bit Better playlist
11. Listen People playlist
12. Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter playlist
13. Needles and pins playlist
14. No Milk Today playlist
15. Silhouettes playlist
16. Steady Eddy playlist
17. The Angels Are Crying in Heaven Tonight playlist
18. The end of the world playlist
19. There's A Kind Of Hush playlist
20. (What A) Wonderful World playlist

Album Lyrics: Herman's Hermits [1966]

Herman's Hermits
"Herman's Hermits [1966]"

1. Kansas City Loving playlist
2. Sea Cruise playlist
3. Show me girl playlist
4. I Understand (Just How You Feel) playlist
5. Mother-in-law playlist
6. I know why playlist

Album Lyrics: Hold On [1966]

Herman's Hermits
"Hold On [1966]"

1. Hold On playlist
2. The George and Dragon playlist
3. Got a feelin' playlist
4. Leaning On A Lamp Post playlist
5. Where Were You When I Needed You playlist
6. All the Things I Do for You Baby playlist
7. Gotta Get Away playlist
8. Make me happy playlist

Album Lyrics: Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter [1968]

Herman's Hermits
"Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter [1968]"

1. It's Nice to Be out in The Morning playlist
2. Holiday inn playlist
3. Oh! She's done it again! playlist
4. Lemon and Lime playlist
5. The Most Beautiful Thing in My Life playlist
6. Daisy Chain Part 1 playlist
7. Daisy Chain Part 2 playlist
8. The world is for the young playlist

Album Lyrics: Their Second Album! Herman's Hermits On Tour [1965]

Herman's Hermits
"Their Second Album! Herman's Hermits On Tour [1965]"

1. For Your love playlist
2. I Gotta Dream On playlist
3. Don't try to hurt me playlist
4. Heartbeat playlist
5. I'll Never Dance Again playlist
6. Tell me baby playlist

Album Lyrics: There's a Kind of Hush (All over The World) [1967]

Herman's Hermits
"There's a Kind of Hush (All over The World) [1967]"

1. You won't be leaving playlist
2. East West playlist