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In This Moment
Album Lyrics: A Star-Crossed Wasteland [2010]

In This Moment
"A Star-Crossed Wasteland [2010]"

1. The Gun Show playlist
2. Just Drive playlist
3. The Promise playlist
4. Standing Alone playlist
5. A Star-Crossed Wasteland playlist
6. Blazin' playlist
7. The Road playlist
8. Iron Army playlist
9. The Last Cowboy playlist
10. World In Flames playlist
11. Remember (A Star-Crossed Wasteland bonustrack) playlist

Album Lyrics: Beautiful Tragedy [2007]

In This Moment
"Beautiful Tragedy [2007]"

1. Whispers Of October playlist
2. Prayers playlist
3. Beautiful Tragedy playlist
4. Ashes playlist
5. Daddy's Falling Angel playlist
6. The Legacy of Odio playlist
7. This Moment playlist
8. Next Life playlist
9. He Said Eternity playlist
10. Circles playlist
11. When the Storm Subsides playlist

Album Lyrics: Blood [2012]

In This Moment
"Blood [2012]"

1. Rise With Me playlist
2. Blood playlist
3. Adrenalize playlist
4. Whore playlist
5. You're Gonna' Listen playlist
6. It Is Written playlist
7. Burn playlist
8. Scarlet playlist
9. Aries playlist
10. From The Ashes playlist
11. Beast Within playlist
12. Comanche playlist
13. The Blood Legion playlist
14. 11:11 playlist

Album Lyrics: Call Me [2009]

In This Moment
"Call Me [2009]"

1. Call Me playlist
2. Call Me (instrumental) playlist
3. Dying Star playlist
4. Sailing Away playlist

Album Lyrics: In This Moment [2008]

In This Moment
"In This Moment [2008]"

1. The Rabbit Hole playlist
2. Forever playlist
3. All For You playlist
4. Lost At Sea playlist
5. Mechanical Love playlist
6. Her Kiss playlist
7. Into The Light playlist
8. You Always Believed playlist
9. The Great Divide playlist
10. Violet Skies playlist
11. The Dream playlist