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Ingrid Michaelson
Album Lyrics: Be Ok [2008]

Ingrid Michaelson
"Be Ok [2008]"

1. Be OK playlist
2. Giving Up playlist
3. Over The Rainbow playlist
4. Lady In Spain playlist
5. Keep Breathing playlist
6. Oh What A Day playlist
7. The Way I Am playlist
8. Can't Help Falling In Love playlist
9. You And I playlist

Album Lyrics: Everybody [2009]

Ingrid Michaelson
"Everybody [2009]"

1. The Chain playlist
2. Soldier playlist
3. Everybody playlist
4. Are We There Yet playlist
5. Sort Of playlist
6. Incredible Love playlist
7. Mountain And The Sea playlist
8. Men Of Snow playlist
9. So Long playlist
10. Once Was Love playlist
11. Locked Up playlist
12. Maybe playlist

Album Lyrics: Girls and Boys [2007]

Ingrid Michaelson
"Girls and Boys [2007]"

1. Die Alone playlist
2. Masochist playlist
3. Breakable playlist
4. The Hat playlist
5. Overboard playlist
6. Glass playlist
7. Corner Of Your Heart playlist
8. December Baby playlist
9. Highway playlist
10. Far Away playlist

Album Lyrics: 1x07 - The Homecoming Hangover [2010]

Ingrid Michaelson
"1x07 - The Homecoming Hangover [2010]"

1. Starting Now playlist

Album Lyrics: Human Again [2012]

Ingrid Michaelson
"Human Again [2012]"

1. Fire playlist
2. This Is War playlist
3. Do It Now playlist
4. I'm Through playlist
5. Blood Brothers playlist
6. Black And Blue playlist
7. Ribbons playlist
8. How We Love playlist
9. Palm Of Your Hand playlist
10. Ghost playlist
11. In The Sea playlist
12. Keep Warm playlist
13. End Of The World playlist
14. Live It With Love playlist