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Infected Mushroom
Album Lyrics: Army Of Mushrooms [2012]

Infected Mushroom
"Army Of Mushrooms [2012]"

1. Send Me An Angel playlist
2. Wanted To playlist
3. Serve My Thirst playlist
4. I Shine playlist
5. The Pretender playlist

Album Lyrics: B.P.Empire [2001]

Infected Mushroom
"B.P.Empire [2001]"

1. Never Ever Land playlist
2. B.P. Empire playlist
3. Noisemaker playlist

Album Lyrics: Classical Mushroom [2000]

Infected Mushroom
"Classical Mushroom [2000]"

1. Bust A Move playlist
2. None Of This Is Real playlist
3. Disco Mushroom playlist
4. Dracul playlist
5. Mush Mushi playlist

Album Lyrics: Converting Vegetarians [2003]

Infected Mushroom
"Converting Vegetarians [2003]"

1. Deeply Distrubed playlist
2. Converting Vegetarians playlist
3. Blink playlist
4. I Wish playlist
5. Illuminaughty playlist

Album Lyrics: IM The Supervisor [2004]

Infected Mushroom
"IM The Supervisor [2004]"

1. Im The Superviza playlist
2. Muse Breaks Rmx playlist
3. Cities Of The Future playlist

Album Lyrics: The Gathering [1999]

Infected Mushroom
"The Gathering [1999]"

1. Release Me playlist
2. The Gathering playlist
3. Return of the Shadows playlist
4. Psycho playlist
5. Tommy The Bat playlist
6. Over Mode playlist

Album Lyrics: The Legend of the Black Sawarma [2009]

Infected Mushroom
"The Legend of the Black Sawarma [2009]"

1. Poquito Mas playlist
2. Saeed playlist
3. End Of The Road playlist
4. Smashing the Opponent playlist
5. Can't Stop playlist
6. Killing Time playlist
7. Franks playlist
8. The Legend of the Black Shawarma playlist

Album Lyrics: Vicious Delicious [2007]

Infected Mushroom
"Vicious Delicious [2007]"

1. becoming insane (album mix) playlist
2. Artillery playlist
3. forgive me playlist
4. special place playlist
5. In Front Of me playlist
6. Change the formality playlist