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I See Stars
Album Lyrics: 3D [2009]

I See Stars
"3D [2009]"

1. Project Wakeup playlist
2. The Common Hours playlist
3. 3D playlist
4. Save The Cheerleader playlist
5. The Big Bad Wolf playlist
6. I Am Jack's Smirking Revenge playlist
7. Comfortably Confused playlist
8. Where The Sidewalk Ends playlist
9. Sing This! playlist
10. The Ocean playlist
11. What This Means To Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Digital Renegade [2012]

I See Stars
"Digital Renegade [2012]"

1. Gnars Attacks playlist
2. Nzt48 playlist
3. Digital Renegade playlist
4. Endless Sky playlist
5. Underneath Every Smile playlist
6. Mystery Wall playlist
7. Ibelieve playlist
8. Summer Died In Connersville playlist
9. Electric Forest playlist
10. Filth Friends Unite playlist
11. This Isn't A Gameboy playlist

Album Lyrics: Green Light Go [2007]

I See Stars
"Green Light Go [2007]"

1. Save The Cheerleader, Save The World playlist
2. Mistaken For A Westend Mistery playlist
3. Green Light Go playlist
4. Car Alarm Symphony playlist
5. Big Bad Wolf (Clip) playlist

Album Lyrics: The End Of The World Party [2011]

I See Stars
"The End Of The World Party [2011]"

1. The End Of The World Party playlist
2. Over It playlist
3. Still Not Quite Enough playlist
4. Wonderland playlist
5. Home For The Weekend playlist
6. It Will Be Up playlist
7. Upside Down playlist
8. The Common Hours II playlist
9. Where I Let You Down playlist
10. Glow playlist
11. Pop Rock And Roll playlist