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Album Lyrics: Access And Amplify [2002]

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"Access And Amplify [2002]"

1. Access And Amplify playlist

Album Lyrics: Machines Are Us [2004]

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"Machines Are Us [2004]"

1. Comment V.2.0 playlist
2. Remove/Replace playlist
3. Consumer playlist
4. Shelter playlist
5. Mono:Overload playlist
6. Existence In Progress playlist
7. Faith:Not Important playlist
8. Transfer:Complete playlist
9. Dead Enough For Life playlist
10. Wiretrip playlist
11. Android playlist
12. Sleep:Less playlist
13. Pursuit playlist
14. Release The Frequency / Afterwords playlist

Album Lyrics: Serenity Is The Devil [2000]

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"Serenity Is The Devil [2000]"

1. Activate playlist
2. Regret playlist
3. Shallow Nation playlist
4. Down On Me playlist
5. Former Self playlist
6. Everlasting playlist
7. Situations Like These playlist
8. Fiction playlist
9. You Just Died playlist
10. Floorkiller playlist

Album Lyrics: The Soul Is In The Software [2002]

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"The Soul Is In The Software [2002]"

1. Thrillcapsule playlist
2. Violations playlist
3. In Absence playlist
4. Other Half Of Me playlist
5. Love As Blood playlist
6. Disconnect playlist
7. Simulate playlist