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Joshua Radin
Album Lyrics: Live Session (iTunes Exclusive EP) [2006]

Joshua Radin
"Live Session (iTunes Exclusive EP) [2006]"

1. Winter playlist
2. Everything'll Be Alright (Will's Lullaby) playlist
3. Only You playlist
4. Closer playlist
5. Sundrenched World playlist

Album Lyrics: First Between 3rd & 4th (EP) [2004]

Joshua Radin
"First Between 3rd & 4th (EP) [2004]"

1. Girlfriend In A Coma playlist
2. Don't Look Away playlist
3. The One You Knew playlist
4. Do You Wanna playlist

Album Lyrics: We Were Here [2006]

Joshua Radin
"We Were Here [2006]"

1. Today playlist
2. Star Mile playlist
3. These Photographs playlist
4. Someone Else's Life playlist
5. Amy's Song playlist
6. What If You playlist

Album Lyrics: 90210 Music Season 01 [2009]

Joshua Radin
"90210 Music Season 01 [2009]"

1. The Fear You Won't Fall playlist

Album Lyrics: Rock & The Tide [2010]

Joshua Radin
"Rock & The Tide [2010]"

1. Road To Ride On playlist
2. Streetlight playlist
3. Here We Go playlist
4. We Are Only Getting Better playlist
5. The Rock And The Tide playlist
6. You Got What I Need playlist
7. Nowhere To Go playlist
8. Think I'll Go Inside playlist
9. The Ones With The Light playlist
10. You're Not As Young playlist
11. One Leap playlist
12. Wanted playlist

Album Lyrics: Simple Times [2008]

Joshua Radin
"Simple Times [2008]"

1. One Of Those Days playlist
2. Sky playlist
3. Friend Like You playlist
4. Brand New Day playlist
5. Vegetable Car playlist
6. Free Of Me playlist
7. You Got Growin' Up To Do playlist
8. We Are Okay playlist
9. No Envy, No Fear playlist

Album Lyrics: Keep Calm & Relax [2012]

Joshua Radin
"Keep Calm & Relax [2012]"

1. I'd Rather Be With You playlist

Album Lyrics: Simple Times - Bonus Material Demos (EP) [2009]

Joshua Radin
"Simple Times - Bonus Material Demos (EP) [2009]"

1. They Bring Me To You playlist

Album Lyrics: Unclear Sky (iTunes Exclusive EP) [2008]

Joshua Radin
"Unclear Sky (iTunes Exclusive EP) [2008]"

1. Sky playlist
2. Lovely Tonight playlist

Album Lyrics: Underwater [2012]

Joshua Radin
"Underwater [2012]"

1. Tomorrow Is Gonna Be Better playlist
2. Anywhere Your Love Goes playlist
3. Let It Go playlist
4. Five And Dime playlist
5. Here's Where We Begin playlist
6. Underwater playlist
7. Everything playlist
8. Lost At Home playlist
9. One More playlist
10. The Greenest Grass playlist
11. The Willow playlist
12. Any Day Now playlist