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James Morrison
Album Lyrics: James Morrison [2007]

James Morrison
"James Morrison [2007]"

1. Under The Influence playlist
2. The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore playlist
3. One Last Chance playlist
4. Undiscovered playlist
5. The Letter playlist
6. Call The Police playlist
7. This Boy playlist
8. If The Rain Must Fall playlist
9. How Come playlist
10. The Last Goodbye playlist
11. Better Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Keep Calm & Relax [2012]

James Morrison
"Keep Calm & Relax [2012]"

1. You Give Me Something playlist

Album Lyrics: Songs For You, Truths For Me (Deluxe Edition) [2009]

James Morrison
"Songs For You, Truths For Me (Deluxe Edition) [2009]"

1. Wonderful World playlist
2. The Only Night playlist
3. Save Yourself playlist
4. You Make It Real playlist
5. Please Don't Stop The Rain playlist
6. Nothing Ever Hurt Like You playlist
7. Once, When I Was Little playlist
8. Precious Love playlist
9. If You Don't Wanna Love Me playlist
10. Fix The World Up For You playlist
11. Dream On Hayley playlist
12. Love Is Hard playlist
13. Man In The Mirror playlist

Album Lyrics: Snappy Too [2012]

James Morrison
"Snappy Too [2012]"

Album Lyrics: Vampire Diaries Music Season 02 [2011]

James Morrison
"Vampire Diaries Music Season 02 [2011]"

1. Broken Strings playlist

Album Lyrics: Songs For You, Truths For Me [2008]

James Morrison
"Songs For You, Truths For Me [2008]"

1. Sitting On A Platform playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - James Morrison

James Morrison
"Other Songs - James Morrison"

Album Lyrics: The Awakening [2011]

James Morrison
"The Awakening [2011]"

1. In My Dreams playlist
2. 6 Weeks playlist
3. I Won't Let Go playlist
4. Up playlist
5. Slave To The Music playlist
6. Person I Should Have Been playlist
7. Say Something Now playlist
8. Beautiful Life playlist
9. Forever playlist
10. The Awakening playlist
11. Right By Your Side playlist
12. One Life playlist