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Joy Division
Album Lyrics: Plus Minus [2011]

Joy Division
"Plus Minus [2011]"

1. Digital playlist
2. Transmission playlist
3. Atmosphere playlist
4. Dead Souls playlist
5. Love Will Tear Us Apart playlist
6. These Days playlist
7. Heart And Soul playlist
8. Isolation playlist
9. Glass playlist
10. Novelty playlist
11. Autosuggestion playlist
12. Komakino playlist
13. Warsaw playlist
14. No Love Lost playlist
15. Leaders Of Men playlist
16. Failures playlist

Album Lyrics: Best Of Joy Division [2008]

Joy Division
"Best Of Joy Division [2008]"

1. Shadowplay playlist
2. New Dawn Fades playlist
3. She's Lost Control playlist
4. Twenty Four Hours playlist
5. Disorder playlist

Album Lyrics: Les Bains Douches [2001]

Joy Division
"Les Bains Douches [2001]"

1. Atrocity Exhibition playlist
2. Insight playlist
3. Day Of The Lords playlist

Album Lyrics: Martin Hannett's Personal Mixes [2008]

Joy Division
"Martin Hannett's Personal Mixes [2008]"

1. Passover playlist
2. The Eternal playlist

Album Lyrics: Refractured Box One [2003]

Joy Division
"Refractured Box One [2003]"

1. Colony playlist
2. A Means To An End playlist
3. Wilderness playlist
4. Interzone playlist

Album Lyrics: Heartandsoul [2000]

Joy Division
"Heartandsoul [2000]"

1. Decades playlist
2. Exercise One playlist
3. Candidate playlist
4. I Remember Nothing playlist
5. Ice Age playlist
6. The Kill playlist
7. The Only Mistake playlist
8. Something Must Break playlist

Album Lyrics: Heart And Soul [1997]

Joy Division
"Heart And Soul [1997]"

1. Ceremony playlist
2. In A Lonely Place playlist

Album Lyrics: Warsaw [1995]

Joy Division
"Warsaw [1995]"

1. At A Later Date playlist
2. Gutz playlist

Album Lyrics: Still [1981]

Joy Division
"Still [1981]"

1. Walked In Line playlist
2. The Sound of Music playlist