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Jeanette Biedermann
Album Lyrics: Break On Through [2003]

Jeanette Biedermann
"Break On Through [2003]"

1. Rockin' On Heaven's Floor playlist
2. Hold The Line playlist
3. Burning Alive playlist
4. Himalaya playlist
5. Rebelution playlist
6. We Are The Living playlist
7. Tellin' You Goodbye playlist
8. Mystery playlist
9. Bad Girl playlist
10. 7 Nights - 7 Days playlist
11. Highflyer playlist
12. True Blue Heroes playlist
13. Make Love playlist
14. Mr. Big playlist
15. Forever And Ever playlist
16. Kick Up The Fire playlist

Album Lyrics: Delicious [2001]

Jeanette Biedermann
"Delicious [2001]"

1. No Style! playlist
2. Amazing Grace playlist

Album Lyrics: Enjoy! [2000]

Jeanette Biedermann
"Enjoy! [2000]"

1. Go Back... playlist
2. Time Is On My Side playlist
3. Be In Heaven playlist
4. Will You Be There? playlist
5. Sex Me Up playlist
6. Oh Shit, I Love You playlist
7. Can't Let You Go playlist
8. Enjoy (Me) playlist
9. Take Care playlist
10. She's The Winner playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Jeanette Biedermann

Jeanette Biedermann
"Other Songs - Jeanette Biedermann"

Album Lyrics: Rock My Life [2002]

Jeanette Biedermann
"Rock My Life [2002]"

1. Rock My Life playlist
2. Right Now playlist
3. Jean playlist
4. Don't Treat Me Badly playlist
8. Heartbeat playlist
9. Flight Tonight playlist
10. Tell Me playlist
13. You're Nothing Better playlist
15. We've Got Tonight playlist

Album Lyrics: Undress To The Beat [2009]

Jeanette Biedermann
"Undress To The Beat [2009]"

1. Undress To The Beat playlist
2. Chasing A Thrill playlist