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Kaiser Chiefs
Album Lyrics: Souvenir - The Singles 2004-2012 [2012]

Kaiser Chiefs
"Souvenir - The Singles 2004-2012 [2012]"

1. Everyday I Love You Less And Less playlist
2. I Predict A Riot playlist
3. Modern Way playlist
4. You Can Have It All playlist
5. Oh My God playlist
6. Little Shocks playlist
7. Kinda Girl You Are playlist
8. Man On Mars playlist
9. Never Miss A Beat playlist
10. Good Days Bad Days playlist
11. Ruby playlist
12. Everything Is Average Nowadays playlist
13. The Angry Mob playlist
15. Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning) playlist
16. On The Run playlist

Album Lyrics: Employment [2005]

Kaiser Chiefs
"Employment [2005]"

1. Na Na Na Na Naa playlist
2. Born To Be A Dancer playlist
3. Saturday Night playlist
4. What did i ever give you playlist
5. Time Honoured Tradition playlist
6. Caroline, Yes playlist
7. Team-mate playlist

Album Lyrics: Start The Revolution Without Me [2012]

Kaiser Chiefs
"Start The Revolution Without Me [2012]"

1. Things Change playlist
2. Starts With Nothing playlist
3. When All Is Quiet playlist
4. Child Of The Jago playlist
5. Heard It Break playlist
6. If You Will Have Me playlist
7. On The Run playlist
8. Cousin In The Bronx playlist
9. Problem Solved playlist
10. Can't Mind My Own Business playlist

Album Lyrics: Future Is Medieval [2011]

Kaiser Chiefs
"Future Is Medieval [2011]"

1. Long Way From Celebrating playlist
2. Out Of Focus playlist
3. Dead Or In Serious Trouble playlist
4. Coming Up For Air playlist

Album Lyrics: Lap Of Honour [2005]

Kaiser Chiefs
"Lap Of Honour [2005]"

1. Sink that Ship playlist
2. Not Suprised playlist
3. Seventeen Cups playlist

Album Lyrics: Oh My God [2005]

Kaiser Chiefs
"Oh My God [2005]"

1. Hard Times Send Me playlist
2. Think About You (And Like It) playlist
3. Take My Temperature playlist
4. Wrecking Ball playlist

Album Lyrics: Off With Their Heads [2008]

Kaiser Chiefs
"Off With Their Heads [2008]"

1. Spanish Metal playlist
2. Like it Too Much playlist
3. You Want History playlist
4. Can't Say What I Mean playlist
5. Tomato in the Rain playlist
6. Half The Truth playlist
7. Always Happens Like That playlist
8. Addicted to Drugs playlist
9. Remember You're A Girl playlist

Album Lyrics: Yours Truly Angry Mob [2007]

Kaiser Chiefs
"Yours Truly Angry Mob [2007]"

1. Heat Dies Down playlist
2. Highroyds playlist
3. Thank You Very Much playlist
4. I Can Do It Without You playlist
5. My Kind of Guy playlist
6. Learnt My Lesson Well playlist
7. Try Your Best playlist
8. Retirement playlist