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Kris Allen
Album Lyrics: American Idol Season 8 [2009]

Kris Allen
"American Idol Season 8 [2009]"

1. Man in the Mirror playlist
2. Remember the Time playlist
3. To Make You Feel My Love playlist
4. How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You playlist
6. All She Wants To Do Is Dance playlist
7. Falling Slowly playlist
8. She Works Hard For the Money playlist
9. The Way You Look Tonight playlist
10. Come Together playlist
11. Renegade playlist
12. Apologize playlist
13. What's Going On playlist

Album Lyrics: Kris Allen [2009]

Kris Allen
"Kris Allen [2009]"

1. Heartless playlist
2. Live Like We're Dying playlist
3. Before We Come Undone playlist
4. Can't Stay Away playlist
5. The Truth playlist
6. Written All Over My Face playlist
7. Bring It Back playlist
8. Red Guitar playlist
9. Is It Over playlist
10. Let It Rain playlist
11. Alright With Me playlist
12. Lifetime playlist

Album Lyrics: Brand New Shoes [2007]

Kris Allen
"Brand New Shoes [2007]"

1. Brand New Shoes playlist
2. Beautiful Moon playlist
3. I Was Played playlist
4. Be My Lady playlist
5. Running playlist
6. Wipe It Away playlist
7. Lovely playlist
8. Wastin' Time playlist
9. On Our Way playlist
11. Land Of Smiles playlist

Album Lyrics: Vampire Diaries Music Season 02 [2010]

Kris Allen
"Vampire Diaries Music Season 02 [2010]"

1. I Need To Know playlist

Album Lyrics: Thank You Camellia [2012]

Kris Allen
"Thank You Camellia [2012]"

1. Better With You playlist
2. Vision Of Love playlist
3. My Weakness playlist
4. Out Alive playlist
5. Monster playlist
6. Blindfolded playlist
7. Teach Me How Love Goes playlist
8. Rooftops playlist
9. Leave You Alone playlist
10. Loves Me Not playlist
11. You Got A Way playlist