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Kina Grannis
Album Lyrics: In Memory Of The Singing Bridge [2006]

Kina Grannis
"In Memory Of The Singing Bridge [2006]"

1. Walk On playlist
2. Down And Gone (The Blue Song) playlist
3. Too Soon playlist
4. Breathe Honesty playlist
5. Don't Cry playlist
6. Night playlist
7. Memory playlist

Album Lyrics: One More In The Attic [2006]

Kina Grannis
"One More In The Attic [2006]"

1. Living In Dreams playlist
2. Why Can't I? playlist
3. Never Never playlist
4. Some Days playlist
5. What Is Said playlist
6. In Theory playlist
7. Wandering And Wondering playlist
8. Running Away playlist
9. Missing You playlist

Album Lyrics: Sincerely, Me [2006]

Kina Grannis
"Sincerely, Me [2006]"

1. Blindly playlist
2. Highlighted In Green playlist
3. Next Time playlist
4. Try playlist
5. Another Day playlist
6. People playlist

Album Lyrics: Stairwells [2011]

Kina Grannis
"Stairwells [2011]"

1. World In Front Of Me playlist
2. Message From Your Heart playlist
3. Gone playlist
4. Valentine playlist
5. In Your Arms playlist
6. It's Love playlist
7. The One You Say Goodnight To playlist
8. Stars Falling Down playlist
9. Heart And Mind playlist
10. Without Me playlist
11. Delicate playlist
12. The Goldfish Song playlist
13. Mr. Sun playlist
14. Together playlist
15. Strong Enough playlist
16. Cambridge playlist
17. Stay Just A Little playlist
18. Back To Us playlist