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Kat DeLuna
Album Lyrics: 9 Lives [2007]

Kat DeLuna
"9 Lives [2007]"

1. 9 Lives (Intro) playlist
2. Run The Show playlist
3. Am I Dreaming playlist
4. Whine Up playlist
5. Feel What I Feel playlist
6. Love Me, Leave Me playlist
7. Love Confusion playlist
8. Animal playlist
9. Be Remembered playlist
10. Enjoy Saying Goodbye playlist
11. Whine Up (En Español) playlist
12. Como Un Sueño (Am I Dreaming) playlist
13. Run The Show (En Español) playlist

Album Lyrics: NRJ Music Awards 2009 [2008]

Kat DeLuna
"NRJ Music Awards 2009 [2008]"

1. In The End playlist

Album Lyrics: Dancing Tonight (Radio Edit) - Single [2011]

Kat DeLuna
"Dancing Tonight (Radio Edit) - Single [2011]"

1. Dancing Tonight playlist

Album Lyrics: Drop It Low - Single [2011]

Kat DeLuna
"Drop It Low - Single [2011]"

1. Drop It Low playlist

Album Lyrics: Inside Out [2010]

Kat DeLuna
"Inside Out [2010]"

1. Push Push playlist
2. Be There playlist
3. Oh Yeah (La La La) playlist
4. One Foot Out Of The Door playlist
6. Rock The House playlist
7. Calling You playlist
8. Unstoppable playlist

Album Lyrics: NRJ Hit List 2011 [2011]

Kat DeLuna
"NRJ Hit List 2011 [2011]"

1. Party O-Clock playlist