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Kings of Convenience
Album Lyrics: Declaration of Dependence [2009]

Kings of Convenience
"Declaration of Dependence [2009]"

1. 24-25 playlist
2. Mrs. Cold playlist
3. Me In You playlist
4. Boat Behind playlist
5. Rule My World playlist
6. My Ship Isnt Pretty playlist
7. Renegade playlist
8. Power Of Not Knowing playlist
9. Peacetime Resistance playlist
10. Freedom And Its Owner playlist
11. Riot On An Empty Street playlist
12. Second To Numb playlist
13. Scars On Land playlist

Album Lyrics: Quiet Is The New Loud [2001]

Kings of Convenience
"Quiet Is The New Loud [2001]"

1. Toxic Girl playlist
2. I Don't Know What I Can Save You From playlist
3. Failure playlist
4. Leaning Against The Wall playlist
5. Parallel Lines playlist
6. Winning A Battle, Losing The War playlist
7. Singing Softly To Me playlist
8. Weight Of My Words playlist
9. The Girl From Back Then playlist
10. Little Kids playlist
11. Summer On The Westhill playlist
12. Passenger playlist

Album Lyrics: Kings Of Convenience [2000]

Kings of Convenience
"Kings Of Convenience [2000]"

1. Brave New World playlist
2. An English House playlist
3. Days I Had With You playlist

Album Lyrics: Riot On An Empty Street [2004]

Kings of Convenience
"Riot On An Empty Street [2004]"

1. Surprise Ice playlist
2. Homesick playlist
3. Misread playlist
4. Cayman Islands playlist
5. Stay Out Of Trouble playlist
6. Know-How playlist
7. Sorry or Please playlist
8. Love Is No Big Truth playlist
9. I'd Rather Dance With You playlist
10. Live Long playlist
11. Gold In The Air Of Summer playlist
12. The Build-Up playlist

Album Lyrics: Playing Live In A Room Ep - 5 Tracks [2000]

Kings of Convenience
"Playing Live In A Room Ep - 5 Tracks [2000]"

1. Into The Ring Of Fire playlist
2. Until You Understand playlist

Album Lyrics: Versus [2001]

Kings of Convenience
"Versus [2001]"

1. I Don't Know What I Can Save You From [Röyksopp Re playlist
2. Weight of My Words [Four Tet Remix] playlist
3. The Girl from Back Then [Riton's Über Jazz Mix] playlist
4. Gold for the Price of Silver [Erot Vs. K.O.C.] playlist
5. Winning a Battle,Losing the War [Andy Votel Remix] playlist
6. Leaning Against The Wall [Evil Tordivel Upbeat Rem playlist
7. Toxic Girl [Monte Carlo 1963 Version] playlist
8. Failure [Alfie Remake] playlist
9. Little Kids [Ladytron Fruits of the Forest Mix] playlist
10. Failure [Radio Edit] playlist
11. Leaning Against the Wall [Bamboo Soul Remix] playlist
12. Weight of My Words [Four Tet Instrumental Remix] playlist