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The Knife
Album Lyrics: Deep Cuts (Extended) [2004]

The Knife
"Deep Cuts (Extended) [2004]"

1. Heartbeats playlist
2. Girls' Night Out playlist
3. Pass This On playlist
4. One for You playlist
5. The Cop playlist
6. Listen Now playlist
7. She's Having a Baby playlist
8. You Take My Breath Away playlist
9. Rock Classics playlist
10. Is It Medicine playlist
11. You Make Me Like Charity playlist
12. Got 2 Let U playlist
14. Hangin' Out playlist
16. Handy-Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Full Of Fire [2013]

The Knife
"Full Of Fire [2013]"

1. Full Of Fire playlist

Album Lyrics: Silent Shout [2006]

The Knife
"Silent Shout [2006]"

1. Silent Shout playlist
2. Neverland playlist
3. The Captain playlist
4. We Share Our Mother's Health playlist
5. Na Na Na playlist
6. Marble House playlist
7. Like a Pen playlist
8. From Off to On playlist
9. Forest Families playlist
10. One Hit playlist
11. Still Light playlist

Album Lyrics: The Knife [2001]

The Knife
"The Knife [2001]"

1. Neon playlist
2. Lasagna playlist
3. Kino playlist
4. I Just Had to Die playlist
5. I Take Time playlist
6. Parade playlist
8. Bird playlist
9. N.Y. Hotel playlist
10. A Lung playlist
11. Reindeer playlist

Album Lyrics: Shaking The Habitual [2013]

The Knife
"Shaking The Habitual [2013]"

5. Full Of Fire playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - The Knife

The Knife
"Other Songs - The Knife"

1. High School Poem playlist
2. New Year's Eve playlist
3. Poetry by Night playlist