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Luke Bryan
Album Lyrics: Doin' My Thing [2009]

Luke Bryan
"Doin' My Thing [2009]"

1. Rain Is A Good Thing playlist
2. Drinkin' Beer And Wastin' Bullets playlist
3. I Did It Again playlist
4. Chuggin' Along playlist
5. Every Time I See You playlist
6. Apologize playlist
7. Welcome To The Farm playlist
8. Someone Else Calling You Baby playlist
9. What Country Is playlist
10. Do I playlist
11. Doin' My Thing playlist

Album Lyrics: I'll Stay Me [2007]

Luke Bryan
"I'll Stay Me [2007]"

1. All My Friends Say playlist
2. Baby on the Way playlist
3. Car In Front Of Me playlist
4. Pray About Everything playlist
5. We Rode in Trucks playlist
6. I'll Stay Me playlist
7. First Love Song playlist
8. Country Man playlist
9. Over The River playlist
10. You Make Me Want To playlist
11. Tackle Box playlist

Album Lyrics: Spring Break 4...Suntan City [2012]

Luke Bryan
"Spring Break 4...Suntan City [2012]"

1. Suntan City playlist
2. Spring Break-Up playlist
3. Little Bit Later On playlist
4. Shake The Sand playlist

Album Lyrics: Tailgates & Tanlines [2011]

Luke Bryan
"Tailgates & Tanlines [2011]"

1. Country Girl (Shake It for Me) playlist
2. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye playlist
3. Too Damn Young playlist
4. Don't Want This Night To End playlist
5. You Don't Know Jack playlist
6. Harvest Time playlist
7. I Know You're Gonna Be There playlist
8. Muckalee Creek playlist
9. Tailgate Blues playlist
10. Been There, Done That playlist
11. Faded Away playlist
12. I Knew You That Way playlist

Album Lyrics: Now That's What I Call Music! [US] 43 [2012]

Luke Bryan
"Now That's What I Call Music! [US] 43 [2012]"

1. Drunk On You playlist