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Little Mix
Album Lyrics: DNA [2012]

Little Mix
"DNA [2012]"

1. Wings playlist
2. Dna playlist
3. Change Your Life playlist
4. Always Be Together playlist
5. Stereo Soldier playlist
6. Pretend It's Ok playlist
7. Turn Your Face playlist
8. We Are Who We Are playlist
9. How Ya Doin'? playlist
10. Red Planet playlist
11. Going Nowhere playlist
12. Madhouse playlist
13. Love Drunk playlist
14. Make You Believe playlist
15. Case Closed playlist
16. Dna (Unplugged) playlist
17. How Ya Doin' playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Little Mix

Little Mix
"Other Songs - Little Mix"

1. Cannonball playlist
2. Don't Let Go playlist
3. Wishing On A Star playlist
4. E.T. (Cover Of Katy Perrys Song) playlist
5. See Me Now playlist
6. They Just Don't Know You playlist
7. Who's Loving You playlist
8. Word Up! playlist

Album Lyrics: Salute [2013]

Little Mix
"Salute [2013]"

1. A Different Beat playlist
2. About The Boy playlist
3. Boy playlist
4. Competition playlist
5. Good Enough playlist
6. Little Me playlist
7. Move playlist
8. Mr. Loverboy playlist
9. Nothing Feels Like You playlist
10. Salute playlist
11. These Four Walls playlist
12. Towers playlist

Album Lyrics: Now That's What I Call Music, Vol. 42 [2013]

Little Mix
"Now That's What I Call Music, Vol. 42 [2013]"

1. Change Your Life playlist