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Lamb of God
Album Lyrics: Killadelphia [2005]

Lamb of God
"Killadelphia [2005]"

1. Ruin playlist
2. As The Palaces Burn playlist
3. 11th Hour playlist
4. Vigil playlist
5. Laid To Rest playlist
6. Hourglass playlist
7. Now You've Got Something To Die For playlist
8. The Faded Line playlist
9. Omerta playlist
10. Black Label playlist
11. Bloodletting playlist
12. Pariah playlist
13. Terror & Hubris In The House Of Frank Pollard playlist

Album Lyrics: As The Palaces Burn [2003]

Lamb of God
"As The Palaces Burn [2003]"

1. Purified playlist
2. For Your Malice playlist
3. Boot Scraper playlist
4. A Devil In God's Country playlist
5. In Defense of Our Good Name playlist
6. Blood Junkie playlist

Album Lyrics: Ashes Of The Wake [2004]

Lamb of God
"Ashes Of The Wake [2004]"

1. Blood Of The Scribe playlist
2. One Gun playlist
3. Break You playlist
4. What Ive Become playlist
5. Ashes Of The Wake playlist
6. Remorse Is For The Dead playlist

Album Lyrics: Hourglass: The Cd Anthology [2003]

Lamb of God
"Hourglass: The Cd Anthology [2003]"

1. Resurrection #9 playlist
2. Lies Of Autumn playlist
3. O.D.H.G.A.B.F.E. playlist
4. Suffering Bastard playlist

Album Lyrics: Wrath [2009]

Lamb of God
"Wrath [2009]"

1. The Passing playlist
2. In Your Words playlist
3. Contractor playlist
4. Set To Fail playlist
5. Dead Seeds playlist
6. We Die Alone playlist
7. Fake Messiah playlist
8. Grace playlist
9. Broken Hands playlist
10. Everything To Nothing playlist
11. Choke Sermon playlist
12. Reclamation playlist

Album Lyrics: Sacrament: Tour Edition [2007]

Lamb of God
"Sacrament: Tour Edition [2007]"

1. Walk With Me In Hell playlist
2. Descending playlist
3. Blacken The Cursed Sun playlist
4. Redneck playlist
5. Again We Rise playlist
6. Pathetic playlist
7. Foot To The Throat playlist
8. Forgotten (Lost Angels) playlist
9. Requiem playlist
10. More Time To Kill playlist
11. Beating On Death's Door playlist

Album Lyrics: New American Gospel [2000]

Lamb of God
"New American Gospel [2000]"

1. A Warning playlist
2. In the Absense of the Sacred playlist
3. The Black Dahlia playlist
4. The Subtle Arts of Muder and Persuasion playlist
5. Confessional playlist

Album Lyrics: Resolution [2012]

Lamb of God
"Resolution [2012]"

1. Straight For The Sun playlist
2. Desolation playlist
3. Ghost Walking playlist
4. Guilty playlist
5. The Undertow playlist
6. The Number Six playlist
8. Invictus playlist
9. Cheated playlist
10. Insurrection playlist
11. Terminally Unique playlist
12. To The End playlist
13. Visitation playlist
14. King Me playlist