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Lil Boosie
Album Lyrics: Bad Azz [2006]

Lil Boosie
"Bad Azz [2006]"

1. When You Gonna Drop playlist
2. Set It Off playlist
3. Zoom playlist
4. Movies playlist
5. That's What They Like playlist
6. I Remember playlist
7. Soft To Hard playlist
8. My Struggle playlist
9. I'm Mad playlist
10. My Nigga's playlist
11. I Represent playlist
12. Hatin' playlist
13. Fuck You playlist
14. Exciting playlist
15. Distant Lover playlist
16. Going Thru Some Thangs playlist
17. Smoking On Purple playlist

Album Lyrics: Gangsta Musik [2004]

Lil Boosie
"Gangsta Musik [2004]"

1. Swerve playlist
2. Give Me That playlist
3. Bad Bitch playlist
4. Baby Momma playlist
5. Someone Knew playlist

Album Lyrics: Incarcerated [2010]

Lil Boosie
"Incarcerated [2010]"

1. Devils playlist
2. Betrayed playlist
3. Chill Out playlist
4. Cartoon playlist
5. Thugged Out playlist
6. Better Not Fight playlist
7. What I Learned From The Streets playlist
8. Calling Me playlist
9. Do It Again playlist
10. Rain playlist

Album Lyrics: Superbad - The Return of Boosie Bad Azz [2009]

Lil Boosie
"Superbad - The Return of Boosie Bad Azz [2009]"

1. Top Notch playlist
2. Better Believe It playlist
3. Lawd Have Mercy playlist
4. I'm A Dog playlist
5. No Mercy playlist
6. Bullshit playlist
7. Who Can Love U playlist
8. Pain playlist
9. Loose As A Goose playlist
10. Clips And Choppers playlist
11. Bank Roll playlist
12. Crayola playlist
13. Mind Of A Maniac playlist