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Laura Marling
Album Lyrics: A Creature I Don't Know [2011]

Laura Marling
"A Creature I Don't Know [2011]"

1. The Muse playlist
2. I Was Just a Card playlist
3. Don't Ask Me Why playlist
4. Salinas playlist
5. The Beast playlist
6. Night After Night playlist
7. My Friends playlist
8. Rest In the Bed playlist
9. Sophia playlist
10. All My Rage playlist
11. Flicker and Fail playlist

Album Lyrics: Alas I Cannot Swim [2008]

Laura Marling
"Alas I Cannot Swim [2008]"

1. Ghosts playlist
2. Old Stone playlist
3. Tap At My Window playlist
4. Failure playlist
5. You're No God playlist
6. Cross Your Fingers playlist
7. Crawled Out Of The Sea playlist
8. My Manic and I playlist
9. Night Terror playlist
10. The Captain and the Hourglass playlist
11. Shine playlist
12. Your Only Doll (Dora) playlist
13. Alas I Cannot Swim playlist

Album Lyrics: I Speak Because I Can [2010]

Laura Marling
"I Speak Because I Can [2010]"

1. Devil's Spoke playlist
2. Made By Maid playlist
3. Rambling Man playlist
4. Blackberry Stone playlist
5. Alpha Shallows playlist
6. Goodbye England (Covered In Snow) playlist
7. Hope In The Air playlist
8. What He Wrote playlist
9. Darkness Descends playlist
10. I Speak Because I Can playlist
11. Nature of Dust playlist

Album Lyrics: My Manic and I, EP [2007]

Laura Marling
"My Manic and I, EP [2007]"

1. New Romantic playlist
2. Typical playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Laura Marling

Laura Marling
"Other Songs - Laura Marling"

1. Breathe playlist
2. Candlelight playlist
3. I Know You playlist
5. It's Only My Opinion playlist
6. Karma playlist
7. Little Bird playlist
8. Little Love Caster playlist
9. London Town playlist
10. Love Be Brave playlist
11. Man Speaks About Romance playlist
12. Master Hunter playlist
13. Mexico playlist
14. Once playlist
15. Pray For Me playlist
16. Saved These Words playlist
17. She's Changed playlist
18. Take The Night Off playlist
19. Undine playlist
20. When Were You Happy? (And How Long Has That Been) playlist
21. You Know playlist
22. Bleed Me Dry playlist
23. Born To Love playlist
24. David Breathes playlist
25. Dreaming playlist
26. Good Man, Bad Habit playlist
27. How Can I playlist
28. Not Done Travelling playlist
29. Such A Shame playlist

Album Lyrics: Once I Was An Eagle [2013]

Laura Marling
"Once I Was An Eagle [2013]"

1. Breathe playlist
2. I Was An Eagle playlist
3. Little Bird playlist
4. Little Love Caster playlist
5. Love Be Brave playlist
6. Master Hunter playlist
7. Once playlist
8. Pray For Me playlist
9. Saved These Words playlist
10. Take The Night Off playlist
11. Undine playlist
12. When Were You Happy (And How Long Has That Been) playlist
13. You Know playlist