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Motion City Soundtrack
Album Lyrics: Warped Tour 2004 Tour Compilation [2004]

Motion City Soundtrack
"Warped Tour 2004 Tour Compilation [2004]"

1. Capital H playlist

Album Lyrics: Back To The Beat EP [2000]

Motion City Soundtrack
"Back To The Beat EP [2000]"

1. Throw Down playlist
2. The Here Away playlist
3. Opening Night playlist
4. Back To The Beat playlist

Album Lyrics: Broken Heart [2007]

Motion City Soundtrack
"Broken Heart [2007]"

1. Broken Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: Commit This To Memory [2005]

Motion City Soundtrack
"Commit This To Memory [2005]"

1. Attractive Today playlist
2. Everything Is Alright playlist
3. Resolution playlist
4. Feel Like Rain playlist
5. Time Turned Fragile playlist
6. L.G. FUAD playlist
7. Together We'll Ring In The New Year playlist
8. Hangman playlist
9. Hold Me Down playlist

Album Lyrics: Warped Tour 2006 Tour Compilation [2006]

Motion City Soundtrack
"Warped Tour 2006 Tour Compilation [2006]"

1. When You're Around playlist

Album Lyrics: Warped Tour 2005 Tour Compilation [2005]

Motion City Soundtrack
"Warped Tour 2005 Tour Compilation [2005]"

1. Make Out Kids playlist

Album Lyrics: John Tucker Must Die (Music from the Motion Picture) [2006]

Motion City Soundtrack
"John Tucker Must Die (Music from the Motion Picture) [2006]"

1. Better Open The Door playlist

Album Lyrics: Even If It Kills Me [2007]

Motion City Soundtrack
"Even If It Kills Me [2007]"

1. Fell In Love Without You playlist
2. Last Night playlist
3. Calling All Cops playlist
4. Can't Finish What You Started playlist
5. The Conversation playlist
6. Hello Helicopter playlist
7. Where I Belong playlist
8. Point Of Extinction playlist
9. Antonia playlist
10. Even If It Kills Me playlist

Album Lyrics: 17 Again [2009]

Motion City Soundtrack
"17 Again [2009]"

1. This Is For Real playlist

Album Lyrics: Hotel For Dogs (Original Motion Picture) [2009]

Motion City Soundtrack
"Hotel For Dogs (Original Motion Picture) [2009]"

1. It Had To Be You playlist

Album Lyrics: Go [2012]

Motion City Soundtrack
"Go [2012]"

1. Circuits And Wires playlist
2. True Romance playlist
3. Son Of A Gun playlist
4. Timelines playlist
5. Everyone Will Die playlist
6. The Coma Kid playlist
7. Boxelder playlist
8. The Worst Is Yet To Come playlist
9. Bad Idea playlist
10. Happy Anniversary playlist
11. Floating Down The River playlist

Album Lyrics: I Am The Movie [2002]

Motion City Soundtrack
"I Am The Movie [2002]"

1. Cambridge playlist
2. Shiver playlist
3. The Future Freaks Me Out playlist
4. Indoor Living playlist
5. Perfect Teeth playlist
6. Boom Box Generation playlist
7. Don't Call It A Comeback playlist
8. Modern Chemistry playlist
9. The Red Dress playlist
10. Mary Without Sound playlist
11. Autographs And Apologies playlist
12. A O.K playlist

Album Lyrics: Warped Tour 2003 Tour Compilation [2003]

Motion City Soundtrack
"Warped Tour 2003 Tour Compilation [2003]"

1. My Favorite Accident playlist

Album Lyrics: Kids For America [2000]

Motion City Soundtrack
"Kids For America [2000]"

1. Bomb Pops playlist
2. 4th Of December playlist
3. 1000 Paper Cranes playlist

Album Lyrics: Split With Matchbook Romance [2004]

Motion City Soundtrack
"Split With Matchbook Romance [2004]"

1. Sunday Warning playlist

Album Lyrics: My Dinosaur Life [2010]

Motion City Soundtrack
"My Dinosaur Life [2010]"

1. Worker Bee playlist
2. A Lifeless Ordinary (need A Little Help) playlist
3. Her Words Destroyed My Planet playlist
4. Disappear playlist
5. Delirium playlist
6. History Lesson playlist
7. Stand Too Close playlist
8. Pulp Fiction playlist
9. @!#?@! playlist
10. Hysteria playlist
11. Skin and Bones playlist
12. The Weakends playlist

Album Lyrics: Punk Goes 80's [2005]

Motion City Soundtrack
"Punk Goes 80's [2005]"

1. Pop Song 89 (REM Cover) playlist