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Memphis May Fire
Album Lyrics: Challenger [2012]

Memphis May Fire
"Challenger [2012]"

1. Without Walls playlist
2. Alive In The Lights playlist
3. Prove Me Right playlist
4. Red In Tooth & Claw playlist
5. Vices playlist
6. Legacy playlist
7. Miles Away playlist
8. Jezebel playlist
9. Losing Sight playlist
10. Generation: Hate playlist

Album Lyrics: Memphis May Fire Ep [2008]

Memphis May Fire
"Memphis May Fire Ep [2008]"

1. Cowbell's Makin' A Comeback playlist
2. Conjunctions, Conjunctions, Everybody Loves Them playlist

Album Lyrics: Sleepwalking [2009]

Memphis May Fire
"Sleepwalking [2009]"

1. North Atlantic Vs North Carolina playlist
2. A Giant In A Giants World playlist
3. You're Lucky It's Not 1692 playlist
4. Been There, Done That playlist
5. Quantity Is Their Quality playlist
6. Sleepwalking playlist
7. Destiny For The Willing playlist
8. The Face With No Name playlist
9. Speak Now I'm Listening playlist

Album Lyrics: Saw VI (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2009]

Memphis May Fire
"Saw VI (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2009]"

1. Ghost In The Mirror playlist

Album Lyrics: The Hollow [2011]

Memphis May Fire
"The Hollow [2011]"

1. The Sinner playlist
2. The Unfaithful playlist
3. The Victim playlist
4. The Abandoned playlist
5. The Deceived playlist
6. The Commanded playlist
7. The Burden playlist
8. The Haunted playlist
9. The Reality playlist
10. The Redeemed playlist